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Apr 19 2010

hah, I hate giving a title to a post.

I wanted to write about what happened the other night. And no, it’s not about a good night (if you know what I mean) nothing obscene, inappropriate or containing any explicit content whatsoever. Anyway, I figured I should just skip to the essence of this post -which is nothing but uh.. just an update of what I did recently.

This is a constructional model of a house, a group project of four, Meera, Cindy, and Danang, lead by me. It was pretty much a pain in the ass to figure out the construction. We had to re-construct the building and strip off the building to show the construction, much like a reverse engineering. Haha, did I just made it sound very technical and geekishly cool? Maybe, yes, depends on how you see it. Anyway, I always think engineering is cool. heheh.

A3 Board model cropped

Click the image above if you prefer bigger things.

So I have one week holidays now. I do have some assignments to do, nothing much. Just atleast 20 sketches of details and some boring stuffs. And also maybe think about my studio but that’s not really important. oh yeaa, Autocad too, …I think.

In times like these, it’s easy to feel depressed. Both when I’m stressed about work, and stressed about not having much thing to do. Also when I’ve recently gained weight which is a contribution factor to depression. Luckily enough, I have someone who never fails to make me happy to counteract the melancholia.

Maybe I’m just being dramatic ;p


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