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Dec 22 2010

Hello, Gorgeous!

Ok, remember the three legged bunny, Bunny? story short, I lost HIM. He ran away or what. I have no idea. I lost him like over a week ago. One day, I came home and he was gone. I searched for him hi and low and he was nowhere to be found.  I was devastated, of course I was. I loved Bunny more than I love Bobby, to be honest.

So, since Bobby became a lonely boy all over again, I had to get him a girlfriend. So I did. and this time, she is one beautiful, expensive, posh rabbit. A Flemish Giant I think. And we didn’t get her at a pet shop, my mum and I got it from a rabbit farm, just yesterday. She cost my mum a good RM250, and RM100 I lost. Yes, I’m such a careless gal but let’s put that story aside.

This time I took the authority to give her a name. Aida came up with all sorts of barbie names whatevershit. So I called her Gorgeous. She just is, anyway.

So yes, ladies and gentleman, meet Gorgeous. She’s our new family member. 🙂


and um.. please don’t bother the lonely boy sniffing her butt -he’s just horny. Give that guy a break. haha


awwh look at how beautiful she is. I saw her running around in the mini farm and I was so charmed by her beauty I told the guy, “grab her. I want her” and voila! It’s a SHE! HOOYEAAH!


Let’s have a closer look. Sorry the picture is a bit out of focus. haha. Her eyes are HUGE! She was quite hard to handle at first, maybe cause she didn’t recognize me. But when I took her out again later at night, she seemed fine. In fact, she was being such a nice girl in my arms. I guess she’s beginning to feel more comfortable with me. 😀


Look! See how Bobby’s so into her? Perhaps he knows that he’s getting something a lot better than a three legged MALE bunny. haha. So, Bobby’s excited but Gorgeous playing it hard-to-get now. haha. You can see how big Gorgeous is considering she’s just 3-4 months while Bobby is 6-7 months. Should’ve slaughtered Bobby and get a pair of new ones altogether. Since Gorgeous is of much better breed. She has bigger bones structure. Meaning, she’s stronger than Bobby’s (New Zealand) type. Or Bunny’s (Lionhead) for that matter. But I think Bobby is a dwarf. Hmm. Gorgeous seems smarter too. She doesn’t eat that much and doesn’t poop that much either. Bobby eats and poops ALL THE TIME.

Maybe dad would love some rabbit satay.

aaah, my heart feels more content now that I have Gorgeous <3


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