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Mar 07 2010

Housewarming party last Friday night

Last Friday night, I went to Meera’s housewarming party with Eddie. Everyone was there, Meera and Hazeryl of course, Cindy, Blair, Danang and Mu’iz. And as always, when we are together we become very very happy.

It was kinda funny that when we first came in, Danang and Muiz were infront of laptops, online while Hazeryl was busy playing games on iPod, Β and Meera was in and out of the kitchen preparing the table. We were really hungry waiting for Cindy and Blair to arrive. So, soon as they got there, we dug in.

It was a potluck style, so everyone had to bring something. Meera made carbonara pasta and ordered Domino’s pizzas. Danang brought fried chicked which he fried himself (kinda impressive. hoho), Cindy brought mushroom soup, and I brought some overboiled potato salad and some awesome brownies. Oh my, I want more browniessssss!!!!

Oh yeah, also, they pranked me. They told me to wear something bright and colorful but it turned out all of them were wearing black and white. Including Eddie. I really wanted to wear a cream colored dress that night but since they told me otherwise…. Gah, muddafukka.

Anyway, I think I’m addicted to lomo that I bring my fisheye everywhere now, other than the fact it’s pink so it looks more like a toy than a camera. Enjoy the picturesss!

Film used: 135 Lomography CN ISO 800.


Guess who?!!


Eddie, with foods for the night: Pizza, Carbonara, Mushroom Soup, Potato Salad, Fried Chicken


Cindy and Blair


Me and Cindy


I love this picture. It looks so honest. Picture wise, and them, too


Dessert: Brownies and Ice cream. nyummmm!


Danang and Me, before I spilled the ice cream on the carpet. (HA-HA)


fisheyed musketeers




Back: Meera and Muiz Front: Me, Cindy and Danang


Eddie and Me


Muiz and Danang

We had so much fun. Eddie had too much food his tummy got round. hahaha. I was actually having a headache that evening, so Eddie gave me this strong pill that somehow made me super hyper. The sugar rush from Β two servings of of ice cream & brownies made it even worse. I couldn’t stop moving Β around that Eddie had to calm me down. hahah. Sorry about that. Also, sorry about the super soft potato salad. hahaha. AND… Sorry Meera and Haz, I spilled the ice cream on your carpet. xxx

It was fun nevertheless, (did I mention that already?) and guys, we so definitely need to have one these more often!

psst, cepat-cepat turunkan the jiwang entry.


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