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Jan 28 2015

How to have a smooth delivery (InshaAllah)

I’ve promised to write this entry long time ago but I never got to it. Since… Uh, never mind.

One of the many concerns of a first time mom is going through labor. I don’t know about you, but for me, thinking about it made me sick to the stomach. I heard so many horrifying stories on labor and not many actually talked about it positively. Well, you can read my wonderful labour story. Hehe

For me, the scariest thing about labour is not having control. So, I decided to do something about it. I wanted to  take some control wherever I can.

#1: Get Educated
This is my number 1 most important tip. It doesn’t matter how, attend antenatal class, read a book, whatever. Bottom line is, educate yourself with labour procedures, labour stages, complications, interferences, pain relieves, anaesthesia etc.  Knowledge is power.

Why? Did you know you can deny the doctor’s recommendation? Or refuse  treatment? This is why you need to get educated. So that you can deny should you feel you know better. Or, request a procedure to help your smooth labour.

#2. Envision your ideal labour
Once you know what will happen during labor, you will be able to envision your ideal labour. What happens at first stage, second stage
, right down to details such as good, supportive caring nurses, husband who says all the right thing etc. Whether you’ll get your epidural (if yes, full dose or low dose).

Try to do this atleast once every day, in hope (and have faith!) that it will come true. Yes, in reality it won’t happen exactly (or maybe even better!) but it will also help you to prepare things accordingly.

#3. Prep your husband
Don’t just keep all that information on your own! Educate your husband (or birth partner) too! Ensure that you both know what YOU want for labour. Depending on situation, he may have to take charge. Prepping him will also help him understand what to say or what to do during labour.

Give him articles on what to say or do during labour that you agree on to further help him.

#4. Strategically pack your hospital bag
Your clothes, go-home newborn clothes and your husband’s clothes,.  One of the things I found most helpful was disposable panties. I used them for weeks after labour because you will bleed a lot, and you don’t want to do extra laundry than you already have. Plus, if you have stitches, the disinfectant cream may leave staining.

Also, don’t forget socks! It can be quite cold during labour and you’ll want to save as much energy as possible!

Speaking of energy, don’t forget to bring some snacks especially superfoods such as dates, raisins, maybe powerbar and perhaps milk. You’ll never know if your labour happens in wee hours and there’s no nearby 7-eleven.

#5. Write a birth plan
A birth plan is essentially want you want during labour, such as pain relieves, breastfeeding option, induction, positions, etc. In my case, I didn’t have the chance to talk to the nurse what I wanted, so the birth plan helped the nurses to get them for me.

#6. Take Supplements
I took Salindah homeopathy. You can also take VCO or whatever you think might work to help ease labour. It may or may not work, but in my opinion, if it doesn’t help, it won’t make it worse. So, no harm.

#7. Pick the right hospital
The right hospital will help make your labour less painful. Great nurses and good doctor will make your labour a hell lot easier. The right hospital also simply means picking the hospital you’re comfortable with. Know your rights, all procedures including standard injections have to be done under your verbal or written consent.

So.. Those are the things that I could think of right now. I’ve written this a while back, but I was moving blog so this didn’t get posted right away.

Good luck moms!


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