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Jul 28 2010

Huh! OMG! Huh! OMG! Huh! OMG! zzzz…

I just realized something.

This is the freaking last week of holidays!


How can I not realize this???!!!! I regret the times I’ve spent procrastinating doing my projects. Then again, that’s what holidays are for; for you to relax, and take your time. Still, after I found out that I have very little time left, I quickly drank my coffee, hoping that I’ll stay up for the day and I shall start doing my next sewing project. I still have 3 fabrics left and I know I can finish them all before the semester starts but I still want to sew more. gaaah! I hate being myself, for wanting to do many things yet I’m glad I do know how to utilize my free time.

There are things I didn’t get to do during my holidays. Things that maybe I’ve forgotten to do. Like, rock climbing, exercise more, join a gym near my house, redesign my blog and continuing my sewing lessons. Oh well, maybe next time then. But atleast I’ve sewed quite a lot (not really) because I might not be able to this next semester break as I’m planning to do my internship, get it over with once and and for all, hope that I won’t screw it up. Ha ha, most likely not. And atleast I’ve also managed to lose a few kilos. I should might as well practice on Autocad as soon as semester starts because I do not want to come to class, forgetting everything, thank god I bought an Autocad book, which is not that easy to follow (ha-ha, boo!).

ANYWAY, before I start working on my next project, let’s see what I’ve done previously. I made them about 3 weeks ago and have since only made one which I haven’t taken pictures of.

Lil miss origami danielle

I was lazy to draft a pattern myself and so I downloaded Danielle pattern and it turns out it takes just as much time to put all the printed pieces together. And I added those origami things on the bodice just to make it looks more interesting and gives the illusion of fuller top.


Rawr, missy, rawr!

I wanted to make a really quick dress so I used a pattern I downloaded a while ago. I couldn’t find the link of the pattern but someone did find the pattern on Russian version of Burdafashion. It took me just 3 hours to get everything done including the finishings but took me another 7 hours just to sew the beads. So much for a quick dress. hahah.  I made a good choice of pattern for the print.



Basic Shirt

What can I say? It’s just a basic shirt. I drafted the pattern myself and I love the fit. The picture definitely doesn’t do justice to my fabulous thighs. Oh well.


Oh, cooked lunch with my bro under my mum’s supervision today. I love cooking with my brother, he’s so bad at it he makes me look like I have special talents for cooking! HAHAHAH and hari ini berjaya masak nasi tanpa mengukur air jadi saya amatlah bangga. Tapi lepas tu lupa nak turn on rice cooker. -_____-”

p.s, I agree, the title is annoying. harharhar.


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