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Mar 10 2014

IMANSARA soft launch


Alhamdulillah, Sara just turned 4 months old, and while taking care of her, I managed to create my clothing brand, ImanSara. It is inspired by my daughter. I started working on it during my last few weeks of pregnancy. After I got the hang of being a mom, I slowly picked up where I left off.

ImanSara is long due. It’s been my dream to become a designer since I was small, and it is a start of MY journey. I love quality and tasteful pieces while still being affordable, and that is the things I want for ImanSara.

I pray to Allah that He will bless this venture of mine. It is not easy, but that is the challenge I’m willing to take. InsyaAllah, I’m in the process of creating more products which will be on preview sometime this week.

As a woman, I know hijab (I don’t mean just tudung but overall clothing) is every women’s struggle, and we all have our own journeys. I don’t believe anyone should condemn the way anyone wear, because you’ll never know who they are in Allah’s eyes. Perhaps they are better than us in ways we don’t know. and only God can be the judge.

That is why, I want to help ease women’s hijab journey by providing apparels that are beautiful and modest.

Visit: Imansara.com

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