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Oct 20 2009

*insert title here*

I wanted to blog about something but I kinda forgot about it. Like there was supposed to be lots of updates. But hmm.. never mind about that.

I wanted to blog about the people in my circle of friends and how funny the world works. Well, around me atleast. But I’m afraid that my theory is going to bore you. You guys might prefer posts on.. um.. I don’t know, funny rants or something.

Some random thing that happened today.

I was walking in my 5″ heels. Then I slipped because there was suddenly a hole in the concrete floor in college. I think somebody purposely made a hole there for me. When I slipped, I turned back and saw the hole, I screamed, “fuck that hole!” and Cindy thought I screamed in a very sexy way. I don’t quite get it. But anything sexy is good.

Okay, I don’t have any idea what else to post here. I should get a life.

p.s, Just some unnecessary thing to wonder. Who in the world would choke on an apple on a ‘first date’?

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