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Jan 22 2010

“it looks fresh and SUCI”

That’s what my classmate, Danang said when I showed him my blog. Yeah, the suci part memang cannot go. Ok, as always, the main, most important feature of this new design is, of course, *drum rolls* ย hmm, my own picture. ahahah okay, penting tu, cannot escape. It’s true, because naturally, when I re-read my posts especially the older ones, I can’t believe that I actually wrote these so, yeah the bigass picture of me on the header will remind me that it’s mine.


This design is actually inspired when I watched the Helvetica documentary sometime ago. Yes, I wanted to design something fresh, clean and innocent, just like me. HAHAH. Perasan innocent plak tu, memang tak boleh blah. Anyhoo, I actually wanted to use the picture below, but my guts told me that I shouldn’t cause it could make people think that either I’m serious, fierce or… scary. which is partly true, maybe, but I prefer not.

garang haha

Then, Meera asked me to put a more fun, gedik picture of me, and so I did, also agreeing to what my mum said that I was gedik. And she meant it. and yeah, sorry if my face in the picture is annoying. I think it is, so, yeah, baguslah, memang sesuai.

This new theme is very simple, really. It was built on Thematic, and all I did was tweak the CSS a little bit here and there. That’s all. I wished I had more time to spend on this theme, but, sadly, no. I have some stuffs to do. Oh yeah, if anyone is linking to my blog, let me know and I shall add you guys. Sorry!

There’s an experimentation project coming up and I’m psyched to get dirty! woohoo!


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