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Jan 22 2010

“it looks fresh and SUCI”

That’s what my classmate, Danang said when I showed him my blog. Yeah, the suci part memang cannot go. Ok, as always, the main, most important feature of this new design is, of course, *drum rolls* Β hmm, my own picture. ahahah okay, penting tu, cannot escape. It’s true, because naturally, when I re-read my posts especially the older ones, I can’t believe that I actually wrote these so, yeah the bigass picture of me on the header will remind me that it’s mine.


This design is actually inspired when I watched the Helvetica documentary sometime ago. Yes, I wanted to design something fresh, clean and innocent, just like me. HAHAH. Perasan innocent plak tu, memang tak boleh blah. Anyhoo, I actually wanted to use the picture below, but my guts told me that I shouldn’t cause it could make people think that either I’m serious, fierce or… scary. which is partly true, maybe, but I prefer not.

garang haha

Then, Meera asked me to put a more fun, gedik picture of me, and so I did, also agreeing to what my mum said that I was gedik. And she meant it. and yeah, sorry if my face in the picture is annoying. I think it is, so, yeah, baguslah, memang sesuai.

This new theme is very simple, really. It was built on Thematic, and all I did was tweak the CSS a little bit here and there. That’s all. I wished I had more time to spend on this theme, but, sadly, no. I have some stuffs to do. Oh yeah, if anyone is linking to my blog, let me know and I shall add you guys. Sorry!

There’s an experimentation project coming up and I’m psyched to get dirty! woohoo!


  • HAHAHA yeap this new layout looks fresh and suciii. haha. the annoying pic mmg suit very very well on the header. hahaha. kudos!

  • FRESH? yup.

    suci? hahahahahahahaha. cannot go.
    i’ve linked your site since.. early 2009 i guess.
    hahaha, πŸ˜€

  • afif

    Ah new design!

    Surprise you went from handmade-ish kinda of design to this. Personally, I prefer this. I discovered Minimalist is my favorite design and style, so high five yo~

    • Aisyah Post author

      yeah, I’m surprised myself. haha no, not really. it’s just that, now I feel full graphics web is too much. going minimalist *high five!*

  • Aisyah dah rajin blog! Hooraaayyy! =D

  • putih macam pakai fair and lovely. πŸ˜›

  • haha..this style mmg clean… dan sesuai utk org yg buat sesuatu secara simple perspective… well i like this style.. for me, it’s cool..

    white + annoying picture? = cool.

    bila kamu teruskn dgn cara ini…suatu hari nnt.. kamu pastikan merindui warna2 lain.. =)

  • It has been quite some times I didnt visit aisyahrozi.com.. and honestly i like this neat, clean and suci (ahem..)theme so much. simple is a new sophisticated look I think. LOL.

    Aisyah, I dont think and I didnt see any fierce-ness or garang-ness in your face in the second picture. I like it. It looks elegant. LOL

    ps. Dah lama dah tak blog hop. I need something to read. Cuti is killing me babe.
    pss. most probably you’ll see/receive a lot of comments from me in your previous-previous posts. T.T I am sorry

    • Aisyah Post author

      oh takpe, chill, I don’t mind lotsa commenting. I enjoy it! hoho. oh and thanks thanks thanks and… thanks for liking my theme and for uh.. atleast someone doesnt think that I dont look fierce in that pic. haha. thanks for visitng my blog back. LOL.

  • Mur

    cik aishah mmg lawa laaa…wohohohoho… gedik picture never fail πŸ˜‰

  • salam
    ‘when I re-read my posts especially the older ones, I can’t believe that I actually wrote these so’

    its true..me too…when i read the old entries, i feel a little bit weird..
    maybe bcoz everything we write come from heart..

    by d way, salam kenal ya…

  • Design is just great! Very well done:)


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