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May 09 2010

It started with sleepless nights.. (yes blame the lack of sleep)

Omg these two days.. so fucked up okay.

(haha what an intro. ah, whatever)

You know how people become grumpy, tired or weird when they’re lack of sleep right? Well as for me, I become stupid when I’m lacking sleep. Lack as sleep as in, no sleep at all. Stupid as in my brain becomes so slow in processing and I sometimes can’t connect what people are saying.

Anyway, I had an interim critique last Friday. And since I got mixed up with some submission deadlines, and also headaches, I had to pull an all-nighter the night before. After the presentation, I got home feeling excited because it’s study leave week! yeay! hoho. Then I got so excited to dye my new white shirt. I just got it and thought it was too white for me. So I wanted to dye it pale yellow. I went to the store. And executed the dyeing process in my mum’s RM3k cookware. I was kinda afraid that my mum would scold me for ruining her kitchen cookware and utensils like what happened in some of my previous projects but that’s beside the story.

So, after I happily dyed the shirt for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. EVER. (mind you it’s a new dress),

the shirt turned out to be…



Ok, here’s what happened. I dissolved the dye in boiling water. Next, I added salt and a bit more water, exceeding the recommended portion. Then, instead of putting in a test fabric, which I had already prepared, I accidentally tossed in the shirt into the pot! I panicked, so I quickly took the shirt out, added a bit more water. But I didn’t add much cause I was afraid if the color wont turn out even. So I put the shirt back in and prayed. No, actually I simmered for 20 minutes.

Then I thought. oh, how yellow could it be? Then zomaigod, to my surprise… GAH!


So,here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna bleach it or maybe use pre-dye to turn the colour pale. But it seems like, using a pre-dye is probably safer for the fabric.

Now, let’s move on to next story.

So today, (should be yesterday by now) I went to Ikea to get some stuffs for my room. Yes, FYI, I moved my Mac, my working tables, my tools and everything back up to my room because I miss sleeping in my room. (I’m a bit workaholic so I’d like to sleep where I work, and where my Mac is of course). So, anyway, when I was there with Eddie, he mentioned that he was skeptical about a woman assembling furniture. I smirked, confident that I can  definitely do it, and actually do a good job. I mean, I’m a tough, independent woman. Of course, I can do it.  Pfft.

Then, went home. Excited again. Took out the drawer frame to be assembled. Saw the manual. Read it briefly. Ok. Easy. Grabbed a hammer. Hammered. Suddenly unsure. Referred back to manual. Hammered. A bit confused. Then back to hammering. knocked. knocked. and knocked.


Now, time to screw in the footers.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Something is wrong here.

Flipped the frame.

Oh crap.


Can you spot the problem? can you? can you?

hahahaha I know right! How silly is that! (if you can’t see the problem, then too bad for you!)

Then, I cursed. I tried to take ’em off but it was too tight. Too strong. Couldn’t do it. It was nearly impossible. Realizing that, I couldn’t stop cursing and regretting. I should’ve been more careful. More attentive. More… brainy.

Then, called Eddie cause I panicked and I didn’t know what to do.(haha aku ni asek panik je melampau) We laughed really hard about it. hahahahahahaha.

I was kinda embarrassed to show to my parents. I didn’t want them to be disappointed by my level of silliness of course. Not like I’m egoistic or something, I ,mean, come onnnn. Then he said I should ask my brother to help and see what he could do. I didn’t think anything could be done to fix it.

Then, whined to Danang about it though YM. I guessed he laughed like hell, asking me to tweet the photo. What kind of friend is he? I’ m so sad you know. But he said he’ll get sad and cry if I didn’t tweet it so I am now blogging the photo to make him happy and hopefully he’ll treat me wantan noodle. hahaha. Also, of course I’m blogging because I now have a no.1 and probably, the one and only fan. His identity will remain anonymous so don’t perasan okay.

Back to the topic. So after trying to dismantle the frame, with a lot of knocking, and failed terribly, I texted Eddie that I gave up and gonna buy a new one. Again, he asked me to ask my brother to help and he told me that it can be fixed. I didn’t believe him. If you think he’s optimistic, you’re wrong. It’s called faith. Google it.

A while later my dad came in to my room and asked me what did I buy and I braced my self and showed him the wrongly assembled frame. He asked how did I assemble it and he took a hammer, and started knocking. After only 3 knocks, it was dismantled.

I was like.. WTF JUST HAPPENED! HAHAHAHAHA. I struggled like mad and he made it look so easy! hahah. He then assembled it back, with a lot less hammering than I did of course and yeay!

I am really really happy. It really made me realize how I’m lacking in physical strength, but it’s okay. I have my dad. My brother and now.. hm.. well you get the picture. Now, Aisyah can live  happily ever after in her more organized room.


Do you like my story? Do you? Do you? hahaha

I haven’t had enough sleep last night (again, which explains the level of brain efficiency)  I’m off to bed now! BUBYE PEOPLE! TEEHEE!

oh yeah, btw the dyeing process did not ruin anything. Like, d’uhh it’s meant for fabric, not metal.


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