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Feb 13 2010

It was quite a week. ;)

Tuesday, February 9th. the lazy day

Stayed at home. Morning class cancelled. Didn’t do any assignments, was feeling messed up. Don’t wanna talk about this day.

Move on.

Wednesday, February 10th – The day Azima left Malaysia

Had class from 8am-12pm. Then, went bowling and had Wendy’s for lunch. Then, went home, compiled printed photos as a gift for Azima. Took me one hour then suddenly Asma came to pick me up to go to KLIA (KL International Airport) and by then I didn’t have the time to take a bath. Heck, I didn’t have the time to change.
*insert curses here*

Then, off to KLIA together with Azima, after we picked up Wafi and Imran. Imran was wearing a pretty gay shirt. They then dropped the bomb.

Wafi: Kitorang couple sekarang.
Me: Whaat? *jaw drops* Are you F* serious?
Imran: yeaah. Kenapa? Salah ke?
Me: Nooo. It’s just that, korang dulu bukan ada gf semua ke?
Imran: Yelah, tapi kitorang dah jadi gay sekarang
Wafi: Tido sama-sama pakai boxers je.
Me: ooohkay. woww. korang dah maju. hahaha.

I was sitting with them in the backseat and caught them making out. But I couldn’t be bothered that much. Was holding back tears. haha.

We chilled at McD while waiting for Azima to board. Laughed laughed laughed. Snaped snaped snaped. Laughed again. Then cried. (no pictures)


Those who came


four girls, Shlyn, Azima, Aisyah, Asma. (my face look weird here. oh well)


Looks like we have more male friends then female...?


aaar, Imran blocked my face!! grrr


(from left) meet Ehsan, Aisyah, Asma and, Mr.Mc Donald.


Four gorgeous girls and... uh... Mr.Usop. haha

After sending off Azima, we hung out at Burger King cause I was so hungry. Some of us left, leaving only Usop, Kai, Abu, Imran, Wafi and I. Then, since the guys were going to go somewhere to hang out, and I needed to go home, I asked someone to pick me up and send me home. hehe  :p

Got home. Did my assignment. Stayed up very late and had only one hour of sleep.

Oh, btw, it turned out, they’re not actually gay, they were just messing with me. -____-”

Thursday, February 11h – Surviving the day

Woke up late again. Rushed to college. Felt sleepy. Finished morning class at 10am. Had a curry puff for lunch. Then crashed Cindy’s place and had a nap for 1 hour. Went back to college with her for Design 1 class. Felt hungry, went down and bought a Kit Kat Chunky. Did my presentation on my model. hah. So fucked up cause it’s the last minute assignment again. Sheesh. Then, during the second half of the class, I got hyper and took cardboard cut outs and played gun shooting quietly with Danang and shot random people in the class. Some died tragically, and some seemed to be bulletproof and… so… serious.

Class ended. So happy. It’s holidaysssss!

Anyway, that evening, met up with someone. Had some toast with kaya and butter and iced chocolate drink at Old Town White Coffee. Also, I laughed horribly out of control. Sorry.

Went home, saw some mee rojak but didn’t eat. Went online, chat with some friends until 7.30pm then fell asleep.

Friday, February 12th – Null

Woke up at 3.38am, feeling slightly confused. Went back to sleep at 4.38am. Woke up at 8am. Then went back to sleep at 10.30am until 1.30am.  Drove to Bangi to pick up my sister at KMB and that evening, hung out with NoktahHitam, Abdusfauzi and Odin. Slept some more from 8pm to 9pm, and went early to bed at almost 12.am. hahahaha. I wasn’t even that tired to sleep that much but I felt sleepy pretty much sleepy the whole day. Headache too. Ok I know I’m rambling. So blaaah.



Spent almost Rm50 this week.

Apparently, it’s unrealistic to allocate only RM10 per week. But I need money!!!

I think I need to take some drastic measures. Wake up earlier, and pack my own lunch. Plus, it’s healthier. Either that, or starve at school, eat curry puffs every day.

First off, I need a damn good super annoying alarm clock. Or, try to sleep earlier.


Picture 2


Miss you Ms. Azima Zahdi pimbolipotpetpotpet!


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