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Aug 07 2012

just a little bit more.

So, it’s been like forever since I last posted which was prior to my winter break. Now, it all over, and it’s nearing spring in just a couple of weeks. I’m already in my third week of semester, and damn, time flies! Seriously, things have been pretty busy for me. I guess this is what final semester is all about *insert sigh here*.

Winter break was well spent in Malaysia. I realized nothing could replace the time I can spend with my family and my husband. They are the bestest people I could spend my time with. My husband and I, we spent so much time together, and I it made me realize how happy and special he makes me feel. Seriously, there hasn’t been a day where he didn’t make me laugh when we’re together.

Ok, enough about my husband before I get all TMI*. hahah. Melbourne is just as perfect as it was. I love it here, and I’m coping much better than I did last time. It feels like the norm to see my husband through the screen again. Yeah, weird, I know. I’m surprised myself.

This semester is gonna be crazy. Starting next week, I’ll have submissions every week, and the studio workload may be overwhelming, if I slack a little. I’m doing a showroom for race cars, especially used and/or won cars with a minigolf on top (it’s part of the brief). It’s an exciting project where they allow us to sort of let loose, and have fun with it, which is great!

I sketched this car, hoping to learn and be inspired for my project. It’s a very rough and possibly amateur sketch, but whatever, it’s my first time sketching a car, and for some reason I thought I made the right choice to use ink.


Fortunately, my tutor loved my ideas, and I hope I can continue to make him excited about it. hoho. Thanks to my husband for suggesting race cars, I think it’s a brilliant idea and it fits the rough ideas I have in my head.

Man, I can’t believe I’m in my last semester. Just a little bit more.

…until Master.

p.s, it feels awkward to write again after so long


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