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May 28 2011

Just updates

My family and I were having breakfast. Dad bought some nasi lemak, roti jala, kari ayam and bubur durian or something.

“Ni ada roti jala, murah je. 20 cents sebiji” Kata ayah dengan semangatnya.

“Eh, murahnya” kataku. “Lepas ni, beli je. Tak payah buat”

“Tula, ayah beli RM3. Arina, cuba check. Ada berapa?” Tanya ayah kepada Arina.

“Eh, ada 5 je. Tadi Arina makan satu, so ayah beli 6 la” kata Arina.

“oh, maknanya satu 50sen laa. Patut beli 5 ringgit tadi” Kata Ayah sambil ketawa.

“5 ringgit nak buat apa nya, banyak sangat,” ibu mencelah.

“Yelah, dah nampak kuah durian. bukan senang nak dapat kuah durian. Nak kena panjat pokok durian satu hal pulak”

Tiba-tiba Hazim, adik ku bersuara, “Ayah, mana ada orang panjat pokok durian”

Kemudian, semua orang ketawa sampai tersedak nasi lemak.

Hahahaha I suck at writing in Malay. Haven’t wrote in a malay in quite a while. So I’m on my holidays now. WOOT! yeaaah.

Here’s my final project that I almost gave up on. (hahah. shame on me) But Eddie was being so supportive. I owe him for that. :”>



I have no idea how I did on my exams but I don’t think it was too bad. There’s a possibility of a ‘C’ for Architecture History 2 though but god, I really hope I won’t see any lower than B in my transcript. It just looks ugly. Studio, hmm, I think it’s most probably be a B but I’m hoping for a miracle and I’d get an A. hahahahahaha. 🙁

Anyway, on the bright side, I applied for an internship and I got one at the firm that I really wanted to work at; Juteras! You can google the firm if you’re curious. They have a really cool office. I’ve been there once when I was in Foundation in Arts with my class and I thought it was really inspiring. So, I’m really hoping that this internship would bring cure towards my dying  passion for architecture (ok, that’s a bit too dramatic). I’m actually very excited, and I can’t wait to start!

Right now, I’m trying to design a new theme for my shop. I hope it works out. In fact, if it does, I might consider making e-commerce themes! I mean, why not, right? About sewing, I will just make some time for it during night time when I’ve finished with my shop. My priority right now is to make money because I’m broke and I desperately need new shoes. DESPERATELY.

Oh well, that’s all for now. I feel like deleting this blog and make a new one. Or design a new theme for this blog? (Like, duhhh obviously I should!) That just means I should hurry up with my shop!

P.s, my wedding date has been postponed to Sept instead of July. It will be invite only, but no worries, I’ll save some invites for my readers/blogger friends (that’s not much at all, lol) 🙂


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