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May 15 2010

Kisah abang garang harhar

Eddie and I were strolling in Ikea, finding some new furniture for my new room. It was sooo tiring. Ikea is big, and I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for. All I had were a function list and a the measurements of my rooms. On top of that, I was also on a tight budget. So, we had to find everything, analyze, calculate each and everything, see the pros and cons, the sustainability, accessibility, usability, everything, and buy only what I need. Yes, that’s a very hard thing to do for me. Eddie was smart tho. He’s very critical and helped me find just the thing for my room. 🙂

Anyway, It was about within the last 30 minutes before we bought everything when I was standing still thinking about my options. We were already drained by then. Eddie at that time was more or less 4 feet away from me. Suddenly, I heard Eddie yelled, “JANGAN LANGGAR KAKAK TU!”

I turned, and to my surprise, I saw a boy, who was just about  7 years old pushing the trolley slowly and looking at Eddie, terrified. After the boy walked past me, I asked him,

Me: Eddie, what happened?
Eddie: Ohh, that kid was going quite fast with the trolley. So I told him to slow down.
Me: Oh? I didn’t see..
Eddie: Yes… but he slowed down when he got near you.
Me: oh okay.

I kept quiet. Trying to digest. A min later, I talked to him.

Me: Eddie, did you know you just yelled at the poor kid?
Eddie: What? No? I thought I was speaking softly.
Me: umm no, it was like a loud, strong, authoritative command. Well, loud enough for me to hear at least.
Eddie: Oh really? I didn’t realize!
Me: Hun, he was just a kid.
Eddie: I know! But I was scared he might hit you. He was going dangerously fast and you were in his path.
Me: OMG you yelled at kid because of that?!
Eddie: Yeaaaah…

HAHAHA I burst into laughter. We both did. We laughed about how protective Eddie was being even though he was worn out and that was just a kid! I know Eddie could be protective. But, I never thought he’d be protective to that extend! Poor random kid, he got scolded because someone’s boyfriend is too protective. Garang betul abang ni. hahaha

Such a sweetheart.

p.s, so so super tired. gonna watch Gossip Girl’s latest episode and sleep! taaaa


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