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Jun 06 2013

Krabi Trip: Part 1

I have been neglecting this blog again. I meant to update it, I swear. But I’ve been slumped with work, which I will tell you about later. However, in the midst of setting up business, my husband and I managed to find a time to take a time out and flew to Krabi, Thailand.

Oh dear, this will be a long post with lotsa pictures. And food porn. Bear with me here.

Day 1

It was an early flight and we arrived at our hotel, Aree Tara in Ao Nang, Krabi approx 9 am. We weren’t able to check in yet so we rented a motorbike for 200baht (RM20) for 24hours.


We took a bus to the hotel. It was just 300baht for both of us, and they dropped us right in front of our hotel. Getting a taxi would cost 600baht, but whats the point if you have a lot of time at hand, hey?


That’s me. On the scooter. No, I didn’t drive. Just posing. But I did learn riding a bike on the third day. :p

With the motorbike, we went to the Ao Nang center, got some massage (200baht), lunch and bought data plan for just 109 baht (see Noktahhitam’s post for more info on this).

Finally, it was time to check in to our hotel. The room was exactly as advertised.


I stole this picture from my Noktahhitam’s blog. haha. On our way back to hotel, we bought sticky mango rice on the street. 


May I just say, it was the BEST sticky mango rice I ever had? We had this everyday from different vendors but this one was the best!

That evening, we went to the night market to get our dinner. It took us 45 minutes by motorbike because we were riding waaaaay too slow. The motorbike was too slow and barely had any power that our max speed was 50km! We were laughing our ass off every time the bike was a lil’ hesitant to pick up the speed. I mean, even cycling can be faster than that!


The night market is located in Krabi Town. I felt pretty proud we found it on our own, thanks to Waze GPS navigation app. Our first buy was fried ice cream. I found the way it was made very interesting and it appealed me to try it. It is basically a yogurt icecream ‘fried’ on a freezing cold pan. It was really good! and it’s just 45baht with topping (that’s RM4.5, insanely cheap for frozen yogurt if you ask me).

Next, we tried coconut icecream. The coconut icecream is served in a young coconut bowl and the coconut white is carved as sit on the bottom of the ice cream. You can then choose your topping. I chose chocolate. Seriously, super delicious, especially if you’re a coconut fan like me. Even if you’re not, it is a really good icecream. This one is just 30 baht.



Next is quail eggs. Looks simple enough. It’s basically fried quail eggs served with salty soy sauce and white pepper. SO SO GOOD I almost shit bricks! No, just kidding. I still drool looking at this picture.  Price? Just 20 baht.



Then we tried this famous snack called pancake roti. It’s almost like roti canai, but they made it very crispy served with topping/filling of your choice. My favourite? Nutella and banana. but Mr. Noktahhitam love it without the banana. We also had this one everyday, wherever we can find it. And the best one is in Ao Nang, near our hotel called Yaminlah Pancakes. It costs between 20-40baht depending on your filling and/or topping.



These are not all we had. But these are my personal favourite from that night at the market. Don’t think the others are worth mentioning. Enough to say that if you go to Thailand, these are must-try.

In the middle of the food market, there are chairs and tables for people to sit and have their food while watching the performances.



I was also very impressed that they have a No-Styrofoam campaign. It shows that they are making an effort towards a greener earth and I’m a big fan of that! Even Malaysia is still behind in terms of that. My respect goes to Thailand. Clearly they are aiming towards becoming a first world country.


On the first day being in Thailand, I could already see how nice the people are. They love to smile and are very friendly. On top of that, they are very clean, which I did not expect. Not because I think lowly or anything like that, but Thailand and Malaysia are both third world countries, and most Malaysian toilets are very dirty, wet & icky. In fact, I think the Thais are a lot cleaner than Malaysians, no offence. I hardly even use my hand sanitizer.

After night market we headed back to our hotel. Eddie wanted to walk around more and check out the shops along Ao Nang beach, but I was too tired so we just went back to hotel and had an early sleep. The second day is all about island hopping, woot woot!!


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