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Apr 30 2011

last friday night ;)

It’s been awhile since I posted photos on this blog. This also means it’s been awhile since I had some fun. Well, to be honest, telling stories and publishing photos are my favourite things here on my blog.

It was Friday and Cindy planned a dinner to celebrate her start of her modeling career. Before heading towards her dinner, after submitting my work in college, I went to Empire to get her a lil’ gift. Then, as I was about to go home to change and refresh, Eddie told me he wanted to catch a movie first so I had to meet him as soon as I can. Of course, I wanted to watch Thor with him, quite desperately so, I had to (embarrassingly) refresh in the toilet of Empire. HAHA. I wet some tissues and wiped them all over my body to feel more refreshed. Thank god I brought my makeup and the clothes to wear.

I was having a headache, possibly from the lack of sleep and hunger, so it was quite frustrating that I didn’t get to go home to rest first. Frankly, I was quite mad at myself for doing work so slow that morning that it got dragged until 3pm. I was ambitiously planning to finish it by 12pm. In the end, what frustrated me the most is that I didn’t get  to wear the pashmina that I wanted on that day because it was all wrinkly when I pulled it out of my tote. So I had to settle for the scarf that I wore to college that morning. *yawnsss*

So we had our dinner at Delicious, KL. Here comes the pictures! Let’s start with food first shall we? ;p (saving the best for last, of course. haha )

fisheyeDid you actually believe that? kidding! I’m actually starting with MY picture of course! HAHA. Ok, now the food.


I had some beef baocn carbonara. I know, I know, a no brainer but it was good! 😀


Eddie had Hainanese chicken chop. I think it was really good but Eddie said it's just okay. Then again, I hadn't had much of chicken chop.


from left: Blair, Cindy, Danang, Meera, Hazeryl and Me.


Cindy and Blair. Cindy looking gorgeous


Hottie Meera and Hazeryl


Hazeryl and Eddie


Eddie and I! (Notice Eddie's gestures, I think he was trying to reach for the lemonade. -_-)


One word: LOL!

Now, my favourite picture, Sexy ladies! …and a pimp. ;p


Anyway, after dinner they headed out to Changkat. I wanted to go too but I my head was pounding so I decided to skip it. Plus, Eddie had to sleep in early cause he has a long journey the next day (which was today) so yeaahh I guess next time then. 🙂

Wait for the pictures from my fisheye. Still have about half of the film left. Hopefully there will be some wild girls actions in it. Oh, I miss being bi.


p.s, I would’ve put more pictures if I had worn the pashmina that I wanted. awwwh.

p.p.s, check out Cindy’s page. so proud of her!


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