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Dec 15 2010


I was pretty excited to go to the event. But, a day before the event, I wanted to sew a maxi dress to wear to the event but I was having quite a headache and plus I thought a lot of people would wear maxi dress and I was right. LOL. I was feeling so fat I pretty much had a hard time choosing what to wear. In the end I found a dress that apparently I hadnt worn yet. -____-

It was a pretty much a bad day for me so I thought maybe a colourful outfit could cheer up my mood a lil’ bit. hahah.

I was planning to go alone but a friend of mine, Fad  tagged along at the last minute. We both didn’t really know the way to Solaris Dutamas so I thought why not. We got there at exactly 3pm and it was too late! The tickets were gone and we couldnt get in! I was so frustrated cause I really wanted to see the fashion show and also see Yuna. Bummer.

Anyway, so, we hung out at the gallery and stumbled upon Fad’s cousin, Syirah and her friends. Then, we had some drinks and food with Syirah and her friends at Pappa Rich while waiting for Hana and Yuna to come out for the meet and greet session.

Syirah, Me, and two random girls I asked to join us. LOL. The one on the right is Miza if I’m not mistaken. and the other one is… Liz? Laila? Alia? If you’re reading this, let me know!

Me and the guy I picked up I dont know where.haha

and oh, I met SueAnnaJoe! I was so surprised that she’s so small! Sweeet sangat!  She’s friendly too. heheh.

Now, this girl is actually from lookbook, her name is Aishah and I’m so in love with her style!

Zuriani Yusof was there too! It was really nice hanging out with her. hihi.

I was also with Pka, and Suri during the meet and greet session with Yuna and Hana. Both of them are so beautiful. Yuna is so skinny and tall. Hana’s skin is like porcelain! Her face is PERFECT. Gosh, I envy them.

At the end of the day, I hung out with Pka and Suri and it was so fun! Would definitely hang out with them again next time all day long!

To conclude, though the day started pretty bad with me being fat and moody and all. It ended pretty well. I met a lot of beautiful ladies including Zahirah, my friend’s sister. and the day couldn’t end better with me meeting my darling Eddie that very night. I was so happy to see him. Oh how I’ve missed him so much. <3

p.s, my pants were peach. Not pink!


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