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Jul 31 2010

my annoying bibik.

I was staring at the screen, tweeting about how lazy I was to go out to get some stuffs, when I heard my baby sister, Aida came into the room, and went straight to the bathroom to get a bath. Not long after, as I finally get the strength to get my ass up and turned around, I glanced towards the bathroom and to my surprise, it was Kak Rose, the housekeeper cleaning my bathroom. So, I said,

“Laaa… ingatkan Aida mandi tadi”

“Aida tengah tengok TV kat bawahlah, Syah haha” She laughed, for no apparent reason.

“Oh, takdelah, sebab Aida kadang-kadang masuk, bogel,  mandi, pastu terus blah,” I clarified.

Then, she replied, “hahahaha itulah, kadang-kadang Aida tu tak flush, busuk bilik air, Syah!”


I was laughing inside trying to figure out why she said that. Is it because she has hearing problem or she just thought it was a relevant thing to reply. Anyway, it was not the first time.

Kak Rose is so annoying. Like, unbearable annoying. Like, when you watch a movie where the abused person is so darn stupid, kind of annoying. She says irrelevant things and state the obvious ALL the time and interfere when people having conversations as if she was even in it. But I can understand that she’s lonely and in need of social life, but still, she shouldn’t ruin my already limited conversation at home. Gosh. One cool thing though, she’s very  kind and  actually care about us. Very hardworking too, and sometime a lil’ too hardworking that it becomes annoying. So all in all she’s annoying.



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