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Feb 18 2010

my first film roll!

So this is my first roll using my Miss Pink Fisheye! I purposely finished the film in one night so that I could process it as soon as possible to see how this thing works, and see the outcome using this type of film. I used Lomography CN ISO 800 for this one.

I expected that a lot of pictures could be blurry or underexposed, but the photos turned out better than I expected. Pretty good for a first timer I guess.  The colors this film produces are pretty good too, quite vibrant and rich, and not muted unlike many negative films.

So here are the photos taken at Cindy’s BBQ. Not many people were there, just her family, Blair, Meera, Hazeryl, Eddie and I. Enjoy!


Yeah, there's no point taking pictures in potraits using this camera cause the picture will end up round in the end. silly me. hahah


LOOK! our faces are so distorted!


Cindy's pretty cat!


me, in cindy's room. hehe


from left: Meera, Hazeryl, Blair, Cindy, Aisyah, Eddie


the food OMG THE BEST! mutton, FRESH salmon, stingray, quails, prawns, and beef! woohoo!


I have no idea how Eddie's head got there. gagaga


Cindy and Blair


Hazeryl and the very photogenic Meera


Eddie and I. Eddie was a bit stressed there cause I couldn't stop playing with my camera. ahahaha sorry. =P

So, overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the results. Will do better next time, play more with it, for sure!

p.s, I don’t have internet access at the moment. Sucks, yeah. I’m actually blogging at Syad’s house.  LOL.


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