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Jul 04 2011

My first golf event (…probably the last haha)

Yesterday I went to City Golf event by nuffnang. I wasn’t invited, of course but my better half did so he asked me to come with it. Despite the eyeliner malfunction (for some reason I failed to apply my eyeliner perfectly for three times and I almost cried because I was already late) I managed to get to Bangsar shopping Center safely with some slight road confusion and 50 minutes late.

As soon as I found him, he gently greeted me and showed the scoreboard on the screen. To my pleasure, he already put his name on the top of the score. It’s not a tournament or anything but I was still very proud of him. I never thought a golfer could turn me on because I’m more into rough stuffs like rugby players but after a few plates of snacks (I was really starving), he triumphed the longest drive and boy, that turned me on! hahaha! :DD

I also hit some darts. I did pretty good considering I had never played darts before except those toy ones (ha-ha). Eddie didn’t hit any but it’s okay. He looked so sexy hitting swinging the golf stick. ahahah

I mean, look at that *ahem*ass*ahem* haha


So, after watching Eddie swing those balls another couple of times at the practice field, I decided to give golf a try. Last time I played golf was when I was a little kid, my dad even bought us kid’s golf club. LOL. We all tried but none of us liked it. I especially suck at it. Come to think of it, I quite pity my dad because none of his children like the sports he enjoy. Oh well, maybe someday it will rub in to one of my brothers.

Anyway, I was still really suck at golfing that Eddie said I look like a makcik sedang bersusah-payah mencantas pokok. -____-


I almost literally rolled on the floor laughing at the picture!

Of course I didn’t have the guts to hit the ball on the real ‘field’ screen since there are way too many audiences. Wouldn’t want to embarrass myself. Duhh. Golf is actually quite fun if you are good at it. Well, you can always learn to be good. In the meantime, Imma stick to my new found love for wall climbing (although it’s been such a while since).

Me, after mencantas pokok. Cover sikit lah dah malu kan hahaha. Please don’t be fooled. I’m not this fair, it’s the strategic lighting. -____-

Flirting with my favourite golfer hahaha.

All in all, it was a good event. Heck, I enjoyed it, to my own surprise. I thought the event was gonna be a snooze for me since I’m so not into golf. Eddie won some prizes for his longest drive which is pretty cool I think. Well, he didn’t like the prize but who cares, the point is he won! hahaha. After the event, I bought this boy a nice dinner for making me so proud of him. 🙂


Damn we don’t have a picture of me and Eddie together. How come we always forget to do that, hun?

oh, btw, Transformers 3 was so-so. Watchable I would say. Not impressive, Micheal Bay.


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