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Dec 19 2010

Next project on the list.

Note: please ignore whatever mistakes you see in my sketches. I really havent been sketching for ages and on top of that I never learned fashion illustration, so…


This is my second sketch, (which is why it’s better than the first one below). Both of the pieces above will be my next project. Maybe I’ll do the pleated maxi skirt with pockets first. I’m planning to find a nice cotton, perhaps in candy colour. Pink, blue, I’m not sure yet. Let’s see what I can find. Then I’m also going to sew a shirt like illustrated above. Somehing with a slightly exaggerated armhole.


Next, I’m going to sew a blazer, as sketched above. It’s gonna be a light blazer, using medium heavy cotton. So, it’ll be suitable to be worn in this blazing hot Malaysia weather. I’m thinking about using a floral fabric. If this is a success, I’ll sew a military blazer too, but that’s not in my priority.

The pants… I don’t have to sew them cause I just bought them from Zara yesterday! haha. I was skeptical towards tapered pleated pants at first cause I have larger bottom in proportion and clearly, as far as know that kind of cutting doesnt fit my type of body. But then, out of curiosity, I tried it on and voila! They look NICE! They don’t make me look fat and short like I imagined. And it’s quite refreshing to know that I’m still a size S. hahah.

I also have many other ideas lingering around waiting to be expressed in this wacky brain of mine but for now, let’s leave it at that. Fabrics that I’d like to work with are of more lightweight fabric like chiffon and… super lightweight cotton or a good polyester silk. Gah, I feel like sewing a whole bunch of outfit and replace half of my wardrobe! I seriously hate most of my outfits now!

I finished sewing my nude lyrcra dress.


This picture was taken when I was still making it. I’ll post a proper picture soon! Hopefully! 😀

Going to go get the fabrics today! I hope mum would buy me the fabrics cause I’m broke! kahkahkah so sad. T_T


  • nice! you memang rajin menjahit.. 😉
    btw, for the maxi skirt tu.. pattern construct sendiri ke? ke download mana-mana?
    am planning to sew one for myself, malam esok baru nak pergi beli kain… for me, i prefer chiffon, lighter..

    • buat sendir shambie 🙂

      (balak plak tolong jawabkan)

      • pattern buat sendiri ke.. bagus-bagus..
        alaaa tapi i’m so malas nak buat sendiri. ade kot ek boleh download..
        malas nak google.. hehe

        (sibuk je eddie ni :p)

        • bole tahan susah la nak buat pattern. potong pon susah. Jahit je paling senang. Hahaha

          (hahaha she explains everything, secare tak sengaje ter-absorb)

        • Aisyah Post author

          yeaah betul kata encik noktahhitam. hahaha. tapi, potong tu depends kalau nak kena match up kat print, a bit tricky lah. jahit is the easiest. umm shambie, kalau malas nak buat pattern sediri, checkout burdastyle.com they have a lot of patterns u can download both free and paid ones.

          p.s, tak sangka eddie ingat apa i membebel-bebel hahaha

  • Hey gorgeous, saya nak tanya. kain lycra tu mahal x? semeter berape rm eh?

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