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Jan 15 2014

DIY Nursing Cover

During my third week postpartum I managed to pull off a nursing cover using cotton I already had at home. The workmanship was rather clumsy and it’s a full coverage (with fabric that covers the back). Initially, I wanted a full coverage because I was shy about nursing in public (NIP).

After a couple of NIP sessions I realized that nobody has a clue and I started hating the full coverage and got rid of the back part. Still I wasn’t satisfied because the fabric I used doesn’t fold compactly.   Although I followed online tutorial, the first one has several flaws and this momma is not satisfied!

Actually, I was jealous with the nursing cover I made for my brother in law’s wife. It has a lot of improvement in terms of construction and fabric type. I want a good nursing cover too!  Weeweeweee! So I decided to make a whole new one for myself!

nursing-cover-full4 Front view of the nursing cover. I love the vibrant fabric! Sure, it might attract attention, but hey, atleast I can advocate breastfeeding! Also, this fabric folds compact 😀

nursing-cover-boning   The hard boning allows me to be able to see my baby at all times while providing adequate ventilation for her. The construction is also improved so that it falls nicely.


The construction of the straps is also improved to make adjusting a breeze.

nursing-cover-pouchand…. it fits into this matching pouch! I made the strap so that I can hang it on my stroller or clip it to my diaper bag.

So happy with it! *dances*

For me, nursing cover is a must-have whenever I go out. It’s the key to my freedom when I go out!


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