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Aug 17 2010

OMG I’m not dead okay

I’m just… busy.

With classes! and some other things. yes, I’ve started semester 4, it’s the third week now and we already had 3 days 2 nights class trip to Malacca! It was more like a vacation trip than an educational one. Everyone was free to explore on their own. I had fun shopping, and museum hopping. One thing though, the sun was blazing HOT!


SO freaking tired we decided to recharge in the museum. hahah From left: Ujai, Iman, me and Pierre.


Polaroid photo. My favourite shot! From left: Aisyah, Danang, Cindy, Iman and Hafidz.


Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street, I think. By Pierre/Ujai


river. taken by Pierre/Ujai

Sadly, I didn’t bring my digicam so I only had my dSLR, and I don’t always use it. Sometimes I still need my digicam. oh well.

Oh, funny thing is, I met my bestie, Syad there. I totally forgot that she’s studying there. Thank god she randomly called me. So we had iftar together.  And apparently, I had my first asam pedas! It was spicyyyyy! hahaha. Will post more pics from my Fisheye soon! 😀

Ok, gotta run. Bye!

Oh yea, btw, Anyone has Tumblr?  I actually created my account long time ago, but only started to use it last night! hahah I need more people to follow, so let me know if you have one! Follow me! Teehee! (haha, damn excited this woman)


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