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Nov 04 2009

One down, 2 more to go. Wait, 3.

Okay since the major assignments are done, I’m so happy now and as much as I’m tempted to bitch here, I won’t cause I bitched too much on a few airheads in school so yeah.. enough.

so, ANYWAYS… we submitted our public toilet! wooohoooo! And I’m sooo satisfied with this one, way, way more satisfied than the window display assignment. Some of other groups turned out good, too, like Jason’s and Sean’s. Although there are some that I find of poor and tacky taste or overly designed and immature (wont point out which, but you be the judge), the overall result of the class made the lecturer very happy. PHEW!

The funny thing is, this is an interior design subject which architecture students are taking as an elective yet, the good ones are by architecture students rather than the interior students. No offense, but that’s quite frustrating. We were hoping for a more challenging competitors. I suppose  interior students should be better in this area than the architecture kids? oh well.

After all the brainstorming and conceptualization, and all the times spent in the studio until outside, REAL world was totally ignored, here’s the result. 🙂





Our concept is seashell, basically. Since it’s for National Art Gallery, we wanted to make it more abstract therefore we turned everything into almost sculptural, (you can even call them sculptures if you like), like the sculptural wall, as an abstract form of the coarse and fragmented shells. And the partition is to resemble corals as to make it more ocean feel, functioning as the filter to avoid reflections of the cubicles in the mirrors which can be distracting. Industrialized materials were used instead of organic as to make the whole design more unpredictable. 🙂

We spent a lot of money on building this model, we used perspex for the cubicle walls, dressing counter and the toilet bowl. We are very particular on the types and colors of the paper too as to find the perfect shades. The floor tiles were cut one by one from cardboard and coated with clear gloss spray. Even the rubbish bins and sanitary disposals are made differently than their common forms. Thank god we have a few machines in the group to make the models. And on top of that, all 4 of us model makers are of perfectionists so it makes things easier cause they don’t need to be told to redo their parts cause they’ll redo them on their own. hoho.

Leading a group of 7 was quite a challenge especially when there are a few airheads who can’t do shit and need to be told EXACTLY what they need to do. I don’t know when are they gonna drop out, too stupid to even do very very very simple task (ouch, that’s harsh, but they pissed me off so go to hell). However, eventually it turned out very good and I’m so happy, although I’m quite bored with the design already cause I look at it every single second during the making. haha.

anyway, enjoy other groups’ works too!

Jason’s Group



Sean’s Group



Zaf’s Group


Casey’s Group



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