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Oct 31 2010

PoshHijabs for stylish covered chicks.

Hello pewple!

Ceh, megada gila eja pewple macamtu. Lempang kang.

I know (yet again) I’ve been neglecting my blog. But that’s because I’ve been sooooo busy. With my assignments of course. and um.. my shop.

yes, shop. a SHOP.

I just set up an online hijabs shop! Although the prices are quite pricey as compared to other blogshops, but I assure you the quality is top notch! and they’re imported. So, you wont bump into anyone wearing the same thing! (Atleast not in your area. haha)

In any case you are not satisfied, you can just return the item! So, basically, you can shop risk free!

Make sure to tell your girlfriends, friends,  mums, sisters, and even foes, perhaps! The shawls are absolutely stunning, and make great gifts for your loved ones.

This is just the first batch. More stocks coming soon! 😀


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