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Jan 10 2011

Reasons I (and you too) should exercise.

I was feeling a lil’ fat today after all that Pizza yesterday and McD for lunch today. So, I decided that it’s time to get back on track before I completely lost myself. It wasn’t really about losing weight, be skinny yada-yada, (omg, surprise, surprise, I know right!) hahaha but it’s more about getting fit, being healthy and feel good about yourself.

I remember back then when I was active hitting the gym, I was a lot happier. I only lost like 2 kg before I stop losing weight cause I’ve already achieved my ideal weight. I turned my fat into muscles, try to balance out the cardio and resistant training. So, I got fitter, and more toned body.

After my membership ended and I didn’t have the moolah to continue, my exercise stopped altogether, unfortunately. It didn’t only affect my eating lifestyle (because I don’t feel I’m doing anything for my health), but it also affected my alertness, and in return, I have a hard time focussing on my studies because I pretty much felt like I was drained most of the time. I also felt down because I know my fitness level wasn’t as good as it was and that kinda upset myself. Kinda like a self-pride thing, as I was an athlete (way) back in school.

With the guilt of taking my health for granted, I started to exercise tonight. I did some cardio warm up and some resistence to start off. Just light exercises but I can see how much my fitness level has deteriorated . I was doing weights and I could hardly lift the 10kg block. Last time, I’d do 20kg block. I also did some pushups, bicep curls and sit ups. Tomorrow, I’ll most likely run on treadmill and some intense stretches for flexibility. Flexibility is great cause it doesnt only help you perform better, but it also helps to burn those fat faster.

So, that said, there are a lot of benefits of exercising, whether you’re trying to improve your sleep cycle, increase your metabolism, relax your mind, and stuffs like that. For those of you who don’t exercise whether you’re ideal or overweight, you should really try it and see the difference. Plus, exercise is also great when you need to take your mind off something, like your work, studies, your girl problem, man problem, or even if your man decided to keep a mustache or obsessed with HTC. oopss hahahaha.


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