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Feb 15 2010

Say Hello to Miss Pink Fisheye No.2 ;)


I can’t believe I finally own it! I’ve been wanting to own a lomo myself since last year in June or so. Wanted an Actionsampler, then a Fisheye, then suddenly I got interested with Diana F+, then, I got itchy to get a polaroid, then back to Diana F+ then back to Fisheye. After a long, long, consideration, and hours and hours of searching for a good deal online, I’ve finally decided to settle for Fisheye No.2.

and it’s PINK! gagaga


The reason why I’ve been putting off buying a lomo is that I had not been able to save the money (a girl has her needs okay). Then again, I guess it definitely was a blessing in disguise that I put this off for so long cause I’m able to have it in pink! FYI, pink is the new edition of Fisheye No.2 (they had chrome before).Oh, How can you resist such a pretty color!


Hello 🙂

I could get the white one, but pink seems more fun and exciting, just how a lomo should be. I bought this at Mooks, Pavilion for RM285, same price as the white one, but the black one is retailing the cheapest, RM250. Lucky for me, it’s Chinese New Year holidays, and everyone seemed to be out of town and OMG, the roads in KL were so smooth and I felt like going here and there, get lost, just to enjoy the beauty of KL without the honking and drastic breaking. So perhaps that’s one of the reason contributing to why was I so eager to get one. Quite spontaneous actually.

Anyway, the camera has a flash and captures a view of nearly 180 degrees. Also as an addition to the previous version, Fisheye One, it has several shooting mode, normal shooting with fixed aperture (f/8) and shutter (1/100), and long exposure (BULB). Plus, it has a multi-exposure switch that lets you capture as much shots as you want into one frame. Although normally people combine only up to four shots in a frame or else you’ll get just shit picture, nothing- you-can-make-of, unpleasant abstract photo. If you do it right, (or if you’re lucky) you can get a really amazing multi exposure photos. No.2 also has a fisheye viewfinder mounted on a hotshoe. This means you can add additional flash to enhance your images. It uses a standard 35mm film which you can get anywhere. The flash operates on a single AA battery.

I showed my dad the camera.

Me: try to look through the viewfinder. Spot the difference? *happy face*
Dad: er…
Me: It’s fisheye view!
Dad: *straight face*
Me: It uses film, though. Much more exciting.
Dad: How much?
Me: RM285
Dad: I don’t see the point.

Hmm. That’s my dad. One problem with this camera though. The pink color is apparently attracting my sister, Aida to play around with it. Remember what she did to my iMac? yeap, I’m scared.

Also, I managed to get an ISO 800 film (which is pretty rare). So I can shoot indoors without worrying too much if my pictures will turn out dark, yeay! On the downside, pictures might get overexposed in very bright condition. However, I’ll process the film first before I try another type of film, and perhaps keep trying different films to see which one works for me. I’ve actually tried a lomocam before, an Actionsampler I borrowed from a friend a while ago but I’ve yet to process the film and I’m very curious to see how they turn out! 😀

Oh, I still can’t believe I finally own this! I’m so so happy!! Welcome to the family, Miss Pink Fisheye. Meet my boyfriend iMac, and my travel companion, Canon 1000D and my sewing machine, and my overlocking sewing machine. hahah. I wish I still have my deleted entries so I could link ’em. and no, that doesn’t mean I regret deleting my old posts.

I’m so excited weeee!! xD *jumps around the house* How can I emphasize on how happy I am? hahah.

p.s, Anyone knows where to get slide films in Klang valley or in KL?

p.p.s, What the hell is lomo? See collections of photos taken by Fisheye cameras.

p.p.p.s, Saffawati has one, too. =D