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Jan 17 2012

[sewing] makeup bag and clutch!

So I’ve been itching to make bags since forever, but never really knew where to start. So, since last Saturday, I’ve started to make bags starting from making small pouches just to practice.

Then, I found this tutorial on how to make an envelope makeup bag, and I just sewed away!

It’s a simple bag and I’m satisfied with how it came out. In between of teaching my husband to sew, helping him make his own laptop sleeve and making mine, I then inspired to design a clutch using the same method of construction, almost. It’s a hobo-inspired, rounded clutch whatever you want to call it.

And it turns out the top part shaped like minang house, lol. I’m just in love with the fabric. It’s imported Japanese 100% cotton and I got it at Macy’s handicraft in Taipan, USJ for RM12 per 1/4 yard. I didn’t know what to make out of the fabric when I bought it but I thought the print works for the shape.

I made a wristlet to hold the clutch. And I love how the stripes match on the seams. I also used stiff interlining to add structure to the clutch so that it could stand on its own. However, the stiffness made it difficult to work with but in the end it all worked out once I figured its way around.

It’s fully lined with 100% Japanese cotton I bought together with the outer fabric for RM10 per 1/4 yard. It’s more dense and almost has canvas feel to it.

For closure, I used snap buttons. It was the first time I used it (had to hammer it and all that yeah) and I made the bottom part of the button a little bit too low so I had to use some force to reach it. That was my only regret in this bag that would otherwise be perfect. But it’s still fine. Also, I forgot to conceal the top part of the button but it looks quite nice actually, I think. haha

Handy wristlet, yeay!

It’s pretty small, I can only fit my wallet, my phone and a few little makeup stuffs.

I think it’s pretty stylish, and I could wear it to just about everywhere, whether it’s to a party or just hanging out with my friends.


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