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Jan 30 2010

so-called girls’ day out

WARNING: Viewing this post might cause hatred, disgust, jealousy, unintentional seduction, nausea, puking and/or also, a bad case of diarrhea due to excessive exposure of vain and irresistibly adorable photos. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Since Azima’s leaving for Australia to further her studies in about 11 days, we decided to go out and have some fun! Initially it was supposed to be a girls’ day out but we needed someone to take our photographs. ahahahaha!

From left: Azima, Asma and Aisyah. Ni muka macam mengada konon attitude tapi sebenarnya sweet tapi dalam masa yang sama agak macho dan hensem kecuali Azima yang sangat comel lote.

oh, love this picture lots! <3

candid. Notice Azima’s horny face. HAHAHAHA

oh, gambar ini sangat terserlah ke-sepet-an muka saya, kantoi busuk disitu ye. Azima looking stressed while Asma looking syok sendiri. Ok fine, I myself pun nampak syok sendiri. -___-


Yeap, those two girls can be intimidating sometimes. Takut. haha gedik gedok betul.

Asma and Jabbar. Haish, sweet je tengok betapa Jabbar sayang Asma. Haaish, ni yang rindu rasa nak cari satu ni. Hahahah. Ok, stop it Aisyah.

From left: Jabbar, Asma, Azima, Shlyn, Aisyah, Usop, Ehsan.


Classic camwhore sikitttt.


So, in the end, we had so much fun. Not just the camwhoring part, but spending time with each other, and yeah, Jabbar and Usop too. Not to mention, the jokes and funny things happened in that 3 and a half hour journey back home because of the bad traffic. hoho. ;p

Awh, I’m sooo gonna miss Azima. In fact, I miss her already. She’s such a great friend. She’s my only best friend who isn’t studying far away and now she’s leaving. Asma’s just too busy since she’s a medic student. Oh, sad lah. She’s an amazing person, with massive energy. She’s so alive she makes everyone around her feel alive as well. To some, she could be annoying though as she could just scream for no reason when you least expect it but that what makes her.. Azima. Also, she’s the ultimate ice breaker and she can just go up to anyone and make a conversation or crack a joke, just like that. She’s my drug, and my backdoor neighbor too. hahah.

Wish you the best of luck, love you babe!

and also my other bitches, you know who you are 😉

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