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Nov 08 2010

So I’m like…

…totally broke.

I thought I had everything laid out. Only I forgot to allocate my daily food expenses. Because, truthfully, I never do that. I always assume that I won’t get hungry. That’s pretty stupid because I get hungry easily. I can have 6″ subway and get REALLY hungry in 4 hours. I wish that much  food should last me atleast 8 hours. haha, dream on.

As usual, I’m very positive minded. I know I can survive.

So, here’s my brilliant plan.

It’s now second week of November. I still have 3 weeks until my next allowances.

And… right now I have like… I don’t know. RM20?

So, if I live on RM0.60 bread, EVERYDAY, that would only cost me  0.60*5 = RM3. Maybe once or twice, I’d eat two of those, so it could get up to RM4.2.

in 3 weeks, that would be RM4.20 x 3 = RM 12.60

HEY, I still have extra money! I can even occasionally buy Milo drink from the vending machine. BOO YAH!

Just 3 weeks of no eating out. No movies. I can do that. Easy peasy. AND if I’m not mistaken, I have study week coming up. So, one week of no class. How awesome!

Oh, coffee? Right. I’ll just bring those instant packs from home, and a thermos. And just make them in college. Also, I can bring water from home and just refill it in college. Thank you Taylor’s for the free water.

Yes, I’m such a smart ass.

So… um… yeaaaah…


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