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Jan 07 2010

so this is . :(

oh wow. Where did I go? Hm, that was quite a long hiatus without notice? (then again nobody cares). hahahahhaha! Truthfully,I want to make some changes in this blog. I want to update on my latest creations, whatever it may be, sketches, studio assignments, clothes, photos, and maybe paintings if I’m not too embarrassed. These past few months, after this blog was hit by a lot of visitors once upon a time, I no longer feel comfortable blogging about my ‘interesting’ daily life experience. So I think it’s best to officially make some changes.

So I have two choices.

Number one, keep this blog, redesign, and update on arts.

Number two, say goodbye and if I want to continue blogging, get hosted on some free weblog host, like Blogger or WordPress.com and start blogging there.

Although, I intend to make my next blog (or my newly enhanced, whatever you want to call it) to be very, very, casual and of course, less vulgar words. and less horny jokes. If I can I help it. hahahah. HOWEVER, option number one is not possible so far cause I am broke as always, soooooo I’m left with option number two.



This is why I didn’t update my blog lately, I know I’ll have to write this entry at some point. It’s. too. painful. *cries more*


BTW, this blog expires on 29th January I think. So.. I can still update some more stuffs while I can.

Just in case if I didn’t get to update for some unforeseeable reasons, I want to say thank you to those who had and have been supporting me for all these short two years and I’m so sorry if I have offended anyone in any way.

Also, big, big, bigggggggg thanks to Muhammad Khairul of Sembangkomputer for sponsoring this blog for a year. Thanks a bunch! Here, some hugs and kisses from me. hehe :p


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