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Oct 27 2009

Spookfest ’09

Taylor’s College, PJ. October 26.

Only architecture/design students are psychotic enough to actually do this in the middle of the day, in college. with all of other students and people of other courses just looking at us. oh well. And guess what, 3 of the lecturers also joined in! Well, Mr Kit, Mrs Sofia, and Mr Hong, you guys are the coolest lecturers!

I stayed up very late doing my research paper the night before, and so I decided to just wear casual. Then again, being me, I just couldn’t resist from doing something. For art’s sake, you know. :p

The whole day was so funny, sometimes I didn’t know who’s who cause they were wearing masks. And seeing how other people dressed up. We were very in tune with our characters all the time. Well, almost. Hiiiilaaaariouuuuus.

The foundation student conquered the best dressed award. The Joker, and Catwoman. Mrs Sofia won the best dressed in lecturer’s category. 😀

Here are some of the photos. Wanted to install lightbox but for some reason it isn’t working. So, SOME of the full sized images are after the jump. You can view more on my facebook (I don’t want to make your life easier so you have to go to about page, find the link to my facebook AND leave a message upon adding or I won’t approve. That is if you want to add me, of course. if not you can just, I don’t know, stay here, read other posts or just go out and play or something).


Hello. My name is Aisyah. I think. I’m a dead gossip girl . haha *inside joke*












To be honest, I couldn’t really smile or laugh during the whole time cause I used black liquid eyeliner so it felt tight on the lips.  Hmm… not very kissable. haha.

So yeah…I only drank a small carton full cream milk (don’t ask me why milk okay) for lunch, with a straw of course.

Funny how it was only yesterday that I noticed the seniors. I never really saw them around college. I wonder why. haha.

ps, Thanks to Josh, you can read my deleted entries here.


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