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Jul 27 2010

story of a random kid.

It was four in the evening and I was watching Pelham 123 on my mac, lying peacefully on my bed when someone knocked on the door. I immediately knew it was Aida, my 8 y.o. baby sister. As usual, she wasn’t there when I opened the door and then she jerked to me, in an attempt to surprise me. As usual, I pretended to be surprised, and she laughed, happy that she succeeded. I couldn’t resist her cute chubby little body so I attempted to hug her. She saw it coming and resisted, “no, I don’t want to hug you”

“who wanted to hug you anyway? BOO!” I said, covering my disappointment.

“awak buat apa?”

“watching movie. why?”

“oh, I want to watch also” she said, with her cute high pitch voice but with a bit of childish ego.

“yeah, sure, you can lie beside me” I said, as I threw myself on my bed. However, she didn’t join me, and went for the bathroom instead. She left the door open, so I thought she wanted to take a piss but then I heard,

“uuuh. uhhhhh”

“AIDA BERAK KE???” I screamed.

“uh-huh” she answered calmly.


She giggled.

After she finished her little business, she said goodbye and went out of my room leaving me baffled of her motive. Of all the bathrooms in the house, why mine? Why did she even bother to run upstairs just to use my bathroom while she could have conveniently used the one downstairs? She even said she wanted to join me watch the movie, but why didn’t she? She always join me watch movies. Hmm… interesting.

She never fail to amuse me ever since she was born over 8 years ago. I still think that she’s a baby sometimes but it’s not fair to not want her to grow up cause she has to. I guess this is pretty much how parents feel about their kids.


  • lol definitely didn’t expect the story to turn out like that!

  • Kids are amusing. Maybe we could understand better after become parents!

    * Sometimes we might act and feel like kids. Because we’d been them in our early years. That’s how life becomes interesting. Waha.

  • That’s exactly how I feel about my one and only sister, even now that she has turned 21 LOL! I still feel as if she’s a baby … *sigh* Definitely, that’s how parents feels about us 😀


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