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Jan 26 2010

wax and blood.

Our first assignment for Design Studio 1 is to design a pencil case using either  wood, metal, foam, rubber or wax. We didn’t get to choose the material on our own but we could always exchange it with other people. I initially wanted to do metal but changed my mind to accepting anything I get just for the thrill of not knowing and I got wax. and at that time, I had no idea what I could do with wax. It didn’t even cross my mind that candle is wax. hahah.

So anyways, this is the first stage of design process, to explore the possibilities of the material. We are not supposed to make anything yet, not supposed to make it beautiful, or represent anything at all, but to experiment and stretch the potential of wax.

Experiment 1: Casted in random metal shapes and stuck the abstract pieces together.



Experiment 2: Casted in handmade aluminum foil casing and experimented with water to create voids in the wax.



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Oct 23 2009

10 words I wish I’d never see again.

So, there’s this badass French philosopher, Jacques Derrida. He’s a.. well, a writer. Nothing related to architecture. And as far as I’m concerned never even mentioned architecture in his writings. Then he came up with apparently brilliant but difficult theory of deconstruction. And there are a group of architects who read his work and one day they said,  “oh, what the heck, lets implement his theory onto our designs! Gonna be awesssssome dudeeee”

So now, I officially hate Jacques Derrrida for coming up with the theory. Because of him, deconstructivists exist and therefore, I have to learn about deconstructivism. For that reason, I have to read shit that has nothing to do with architecture in order to understand the theory of deconstructivism because I then have to write about it. Since I’m suffering to understand the highly intellectual readings that have absolutely no mercy to their readers, I have to spend more time reading it over and over again and that’s costing me a lot of time, and when I spend a lot of time on that, I’ll have less time for other things and when I have less time for other things, meaning I have less time to sleep, eat, watch movies, go to the gym, shopping, day dreaming, camwhore, date, bitching about other people, sleep, (did I say that already), have chocolates SLOWLY, facebooking, blogging and facebooking. How am I supposed to approve friend requests, reply to comments and stalk other people? Do you want me to ignore you on facebook?!  Or, leave my blog dead, unupdated? (pfft, as if that never happened before haha).


phew. now, try to reread the paragraph above, 10 times faster, OUT LOUD. :p

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