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Jan 01 2012

Genting, and LX5

Few days ago, Eddie bought Lumix LX5. It’s pretty awesome point-and-shoot  I’d say. The colours are nice, and it’s very easy to use. Although, like many point-and-shoot, I don’t know how to make the flash work. It just spoils everything.

Anyway, we decided to bring the camera to our Genting trip. It was supposed to be a family outing, but many couldn’t make it as it was the weekdays. So we only went there with Eddie’s lil bro, Edzrin.

I wish I could show comparison with 60D but I don’t have the cable to transfer the photos. Will edit this soon, then. But hey, it’s decent quality if you don’t compare it with dSLR right?

Anyway, another thing I’ve missed about point-and-shoot, is the ability to CAMWHORE. yeaaahhh!

I was very excited to ride the Corkscrew but unfortunately, we went there at the wrong time. The weather condition was pretty bad. The fog was thick and a lot of thrill rides were closed. So we had to fill our time with the family rides while waiting for the thrill rides. 

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Jul 04 2011

My first golf event (…probably the last haha)

Yesterday I went to City Golf event by nuffnang. I wasn’t invited, of course but my better half did so he asked me to come with it. Despite the eyeliner malfunction (for some reason I failed to apply my eyeliner perfectly for three times and I almost cried because I was already late) I managed to get to Bangsar shopping Center safely with some slight road confusion and 50 minutes late.

As soon as I found him, he gently greeted me and showed the scoreboard on the screen. To my pleasure, he already put his name on the top of the score. It’s not a tournament or anything but I was still very proud of him. I never thought a golfer could turn me on because I’m more into rough stuffs like rugby players but after a few plates of snacks (I was really starving), he triumphed the longest drive and boy, that turned me on! hahaha! :DD

I also hit some darts. I did pretty good considering I had never played darts before except those toy ones (ha-ha). Eddie didn’t hit any but it’s okay. He looked so sexy hitting swinging the golf stick. ahahah

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Apr 30 2011

last friday night ;)

It’s been awhile since I posted photos on this blog. This also means it’s been awhile since I had some fun. Well, to be honest, telling stories and publishing photos are my favourite things here on my blog.

It was Friday and Cindy planned a dinner to celebrate her start of her modeling career. Before heading towards her dinner, after submitting my work in college, I went to Empire to get her a lil’ gift. Then, as I was about to go home to change and refresh, Eddie told me he wanted to catch a movie first so I had to meet him as soon as I can. Of course, I wanted to watch Thor with him, quite desperately so, I had to (embarrassingly) refresh in the toilet of Empire. HAHA. I wet some tissues and wiped them all over my body to feel more refreshed. Thank god I brought my makeup and the clothes to wear.

I was having a headache, possibly from the lack of sleep and hunger, so it was quite frustrating that I didn’t get to go home to rest first. Frankly, I was quite mad at myself for doing work so slow that morning that it got dragged until 3pm. I was ambitiously planning to finish it by 12pm. In the end, what frustrated me the most is that I didn’t get  to wear the pashmina that I wanted on that day because it was all wrinkly when I pulled it out of my tote. So I had to settle for the scarf that I wore to college that morning. *yawnsss*

So we had our dinner at Delicious, KL. Here comes the pictures! Let’s start with food first shall we? ;p (saving the best for last, of course. haha )

fisheyeDid you actually believe that? kidding! I’m actually starting with MY picture of course! HAHA. Ok, now the food.


I had some beef baocn carbonara. I know, I know, a no brainer but it was good! 😀


Eddie had Hainanese chicken chop. I think it was really good but Eddie said it's just okay. Then again, I hadn't had much of chicken chop.

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Feb 20 2011

Kg. Kepayang: A time capsule.


Last Friday we had a class trip to Kg. Kepayang, Ipoh. I wasn’t excited for the trip at all cause I thought it’d be really boring. But when I got there, I actually got pretty amused with the old shophouses. It was once used to be a really live and happening place. There were once shops, entertainment place, and at night, there was prostitutes and stuffs like that. Basically a small city. Now, it’s all decaying, the government wants to demolish the place but some of the owners of the buildings couldn’t be found, and since it’s a freehold land, they can’t do much about it.

To me, walking around that place was such a discovery, almost like an adventure. It was as if I was walking through time. I was imagining the life in there 120 years ago as I snapped the pictures. There are still about 5 families still living in those shophouses. And perhaps 3 to 4  shops such as workshop, barber shop, fertilizer’s shop and Feng Shui place.

Inside one of the shophouses. There's a well down there.

I think this used to be some kind of a courtyard space, maybe?

Some of us, taking pictures with the locals. 🙂 From left, is the uncle we interviewed, he's the owner of the fertilizer shop. The guy on the motorcycle trishaw was on the way to pick up his kids from school.

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