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Mar 12 2013

BIG news! BFP!

I got a big news to share. Yep, a BIG ONE. I thought long and hard to blog about this (which made me evidently abandon my blog again). But now that I don’t have much readers, I become more comfortable to blog whatever the shit I want again.

So… I think I’m pregnant. (ok, wait WHAAAAT?) Well, actually, that’s what the pee strip says – BFP, big fat positive.

2013-03-12 10.35.54

Sorry for the poor photo. This was last Friday’s test, 0n my 5th day after my period was due. See the second line right there?  And if you still don’t get it, two lines mean BIG FAT POSITIVE.

I actually took an earlier test on my first day of aunt flo’s due and that’s was when I saw my first positive. The moment I saw it, my hands were shaking, I couldn’t believe what I saw that I actually keep looking at it for the rest of the day ensuring I wasn’t imagining. I quickly woke Eddie up and  showed him the positive strip and he couldn’t see the second line. We had Subuh prayers and he went to work like nothing happened. (how dare he! haha) He went back home and I showed him again and he could see the line. Phew, I was glad I wasn’t crazy. I can see that he was thrilled but he tried not to show it too much.

Since then, I peed on a stick every morning until Friday, because I really couldn’t believe I was pregnant. And also I got addicted to peeing on a stick. Plus, it was fun to see the colour change on the stick. Like magic. hahaha

I went to the doctor on that Friday, and the doctor said I’m supposed to be 5 weeks. But, since the doctor can’t see anything during the scan,  she said I may have ovulated later in this cycle. That means I might actually be 3-4 weeks. So I’m scheduled for another scan this Friday.

I can’t quite say how I feel, YET. Of course I’m excited, (are you kidding me? Think about all the fun baby shopping!!)  but I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m baking a tiny being in my body. I used to think pregnancy is not normal (no, seriously). But then again, I think it makes more sense than pelicans delivering babies in baskets to couples.

It’s also hard to believe that I’m pregnant. I don’t have any morning sickness or whatsoever. Other than the 6 positive tests I’ve taken, the only symptoms I have are headaches & migraines in some days, frequent bathroom runs and my boobs went up a size overnight. Oh, not to mention, my body is bloating like I just gained 10kg in 3 days which is upsetting. Why do articles out there make bloating sound so petty? UGH!

Anyway,  it’s understandable that I become slightly obsessive about waiting for my next scan. In my mind at least. My sanity depends on whether the doctor can find the tiny sac. and there better be!

Fow now, I’m doing as much sunnah salat as I can, and rehearsing surahs for pregnant mothers, hoping this little one sticks, and grow into a perfectly healthy baby. Amin!

Sep 27 2012

See you in 78 days.

It’s really hard being away from my husband. Everyday I have a hard time waking up, knowing I don’t have the purpose to get through the day. Everyday to me is a survival.

The highlight of my day is when I get to talk to my husband. And we try to be strong for each other.

Being apart is not entirely a bad thing. It has brought our marriage to the next level. We become closer to each other, and know that we can never take each other for granted, not even a day.

Had we not spend out time apart, I may not have this kind of appreciation of him. Before this, I know he makes me happy. But after being apart, now I really know how HAPPY he makes me feel. I also realized that without him, a huge part of me is missing.

He is, afterall, my better half.

at Universal Studios Singapore. Hot and sweaty. Ah, summertime.

Today’s weather is 25 degrees hot. It makes me so happy. That means spring is passing, and it’s time for summer to come and brighten the southern hemisphere with joy.

Summer in December. I’ll be the happiest girl. :joytears:

See you there, my dearest.


P.s, Sorry about the last post. Anger took its troll over me.

Jun 06 2012

Guys and Bikes

Before I took off to Down Under, my husband told me that he wanted to get a motorbike. Not sounding like a queen control, I protested. I told him he can get it once I’m back for good.

When I first got married to him, I found his excitement towards engines quite fascinating. I don’t understand it, but it’s okay, I don’t want to, and I don’t need to. Seriously though, they’re just engines and yes, there were nights where he let me sleep alone so that he could watch videos or documentaries about cars or motorbikes! oh well, boys will always be boys. I’ll be worried if he’s more excited about Barbie or doing his hair. I’ll just show my support and he can show his support towards my love  towards shopping.  hehehe 😀

After he told me that he seriously wanted to get a bike,  he kept on pestering me with it, even after I said what I said. Almost every night, I went to bed with engine sounds ringing in my ear as my husband (excitedly) feeding himself with videos of bikes showing off their horse power. He kept doing the same thing even after I flew here. Finally, I told him, he can get a bike, if he promises to keep himself safe, and, to not ever let anyone ride on the back, AND never to respond to girls glaring.

Why did I say the last one, you may ask. No, I’m not insecure. I trust my husband with all my hearts. However, I am a girl and I damn well know how a girl feels! Well, atleast a girl who thinks alike. There is one thing that can turn a woman on: big equipments. Atleast for a first impression.

Big equipments here can mean many thing, but they’re not too far off from each other. It’s either big expensive cars, big cameras, big golf club, big watches (not literally of course) and last but not least, big bikes because all these equates to possibly big salary. Yea, we women don’t know much about all the specs, engine sounds, whatsoever, so we take these things visually (or $$$). If they are attractive to us, and chances are, so are you.

Anyway, like I said, I trust him and I know how much he loves me. It’s just that thinking about how he MIGHT be under girls’ radar now (hopefully not) is quite disturbing. I am very posessive when it comes to my things. Even to this day, I freak out whenever somebody touches my stuff (except for certain people like my husband, my parents and my sister). No, seriously. That’s one of my pet peeves.

Actually I am very excited he got the bike. Like, VERY EXCITED. Firstly, I always (secretly) wanted to have a guy who plays the guitar but never actually met someone who could, and turned out I married one! And now, this? How lucky can I get?? ;D

I can hear the backseat calling for my name. (stole this picture from his FB album :P)

I can’t wait to go back Malaysia and ride with my husband to random places. I’ve been talking about driving to Malacca just to have a bowl of cendol since forever and now that he got the bike, we’re gonna do just that! Woohoo! 😀


May 11 2012

a week of awesomeness

It’s been ages since I logon to this blog and seeing all the comments, I was wondering what was my last post about?  By this post, it also means that I’m getting more sane. Guess what?! My mood is revived now that my husband came to visit me for a week!

So, what did we do? ehem ehem. *clears throat* yes, that. AND much more! 😀

#Day 1 : Arrival

Oh, funny story about his arrival. I wanted to pick him up at Southern Cross Station but that would mean skipping my class, so he told me he will call me instead. I was expecting his call atleast by 10am but 11am, and there was still nothing. Worried, I went to Southern Cross Station all the way from my class (at Melbourne uni) to wait for him but he was nowhere at sight. Feeling more anxious I called up AirAsia to enquire about the flight (HAHA) when suddenly I got a call in and it was him. He told me he was already in Uni! haha. I was relieved but also felt like slapping myself for going all the way to the station and lost 30mins worth of time I could already be seeing him!

Anyway, I was really glad I saw him. We went back to my place, I let him rest and that night we had sushi for dinner. That night we were staying over at a senior’s house who’ve kindly let us stay in their house while they go out on a vacation.


#Day 2 : Walk in Museum

I must say that we’re both fan of museums and I purposely didn’t go to the museum just so I could go there for the first time, with him eventhough it’s free for students. Now, we were impressed  with the lengths they went through to make the museums look as cool as possible!

Most of the the things in museum were about the history of Australia, which were very interesting. I could go on and on about what’s in the museum but let’s not make this post super long. I highly recommend you checking out the museum if you’re in Melbourne though.

That is one scary fish! It’s not real though, but it looks like it, right??

Impressive digital vending machine. :p


Funny thing is when we went to the museum, they were having an antic art show for $34 while it was supposed to be free for students. So out of frustration, we walked out until we realized we went into the wrong building! And it was right next to the Melbourne museum. I knew how the museum looked like but I guess I was too early in the morning and I was still in slumber. Hahaha.

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