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Jan 09 2012

new year, newfound resolution.

My sister Arina was bugging me to attend this Southern gathering, organized by Ausis. I was really hesitant to go simply because I didn’t know what to expect. It sounds bad, but it’s true. However, I pulled it together and went ahead, hoping to find something, if not something good, perhaps just a little bit of fun.

The last few days (maybe 2 weeks) before  I was so stressed up. It was mostly related to my decision of going to Australia without my Eddie and worrying about how it’s going to change my life. I was mostly worried that it might change me for the worse, without family around to guide me and keep me in the right path. I didn’t even know whether I can be better, because I don’t know how to be better on my own. So I thought.

Nonetheless, the program made me change my intention of going to Aussie, to a much better intention. And surprisingly, I felt calmer, and happier. In fact, I feel very excited. My intention now is to not only study in Australia but also, to find something that I might not able to find in Malaysia. I hope to find hidayah from Allah. If I don’t find it there, it should be a start of something.

I’m going to be 22 in 8 months, and I’m married. I have to change now if we were to start a family. It will happen sooner or later, and I would never want to bear a child when I don’t have taqwa. I used to be afraid to have taqwa, and actually I’ve always rejected the idea before. But then I realized that, when you have Allah, you’ll have everything because Allah determines EVERYTHING. He can give you the world and take it back in a blink. So, actually, I don’t know what I was afraid of.

Anyway, I’m very thankful that I attended the gathering. It was very profound. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of awesome cool people. Although the 3 days was short, and I felt like going home on the first night (had to sleep on a bunk bed with 7 other girls in a room and all that, yeah) but it was so much fun knowing them, they are beautiful, super nice people and super friendly. I’m just in love with the people I’ve just met. That, rarely happen, ladies and gentlemen.

So, here are some of them…

We are THE amazing people who won the amazing race! woot! hoho.

 In UIA mosque. Beautiful.

In front of UIA mosque yang tak berapa nampak thanks to backlight.

I haven’t known them for long, but I’m already missing them. Weird. Really looking forward to see them again …in Aussie (or maybe NZ, too?) InsyaAllah.

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p.s, also, trying to not swear too much. Bad habit. Eddie’s into it too. InsyaAllah.

Apr 30 2011

last friday night ;)

It’s been awhile since I posted photos on this blog. This also means it’s been awhile since I had some fun. Well, to be honest, telling stories and publishing photos are my favourite things here on my blog.

It was Friday and Cindy planned a dinner to celebrate her start of her modeling career. Before heading towards her dinner, after submitting my work in college, I went to Empire to get her a lil’ gift. Then, as I was about to go home to change and refresh, Eddie told me he wanted to catch a movie first so I had to meet him as soon as I can. Of course, I wanted to watch Thor with him, quite desperately so, I had to (embarrassingly) refresh in the toilet of Empire. HAHA. I wet some tissues and wiped them all over my body to feel more refreshed. Thank god I brought my makeup and the clothes to wear.

I was having a headache, possibly from the lack of sleep and hunger, so it was quite frustrating that I didn’t get to go home to rest first. Frankly, I was quite mad at myself for doing work so slow that morning that it got dragged until 3pm. I was ambitiously planning to finish it by 12pm. In the end, what frustrated me the most is that I didn’t get  to wear the pashmina that I wanted on that day because it was all wrinkly when I pulled it out of my tote. So I had to settle for the scarf that I wore to college that morning. *yawnsss*

So we had our dinner at Delicious, KL. Here comes the pictures! Let’s start with food first shall we? ;p (saving the best for last, of course. haha )

fisheyeDid you actually believe that? kidding! I’m actually starting with MY picture of course! HAHA. Ok, now the food.


I had some beef baocn carbonara. I know, I know, a no brainer but it was good! 😀


Eddie had Hainanese chicken chop. I think it was really good but Eddie said it's just okay. Then again, I hadn't had much of chicken chop.

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Apr 23 2011

Rango the lizard VS a tiny spider. Who won?

So last Thursday, Cindy got a new pet. She got it at The V restaurant, where the waiter caught for her. Danang was kinda freaked out by it and Meera was even more freaked out. I was too, at first but somehow it grew on me. I’m not usually a fan of lizards especially house lizard but this one seemed pretty fascinating to me. So I called him Rango. Then Meera added Johny Rango. hahaha. Cindy’s boyfriend was away and that’s a present for him. He wanted a snake so Cindy thought a snake with legs would be the next best thing.

We didn’t know what it is so we were hoping that it would be a herbivore. But looking at it, it’s a reptile, and reptile aint no herbivore! We tried to google the species by matching the pictures and the closest we got was komodo dragon but if it’s true, it’d grow to a size of a crocodile (or almost) and then it would eat snakes. Yikes!

Anyway, when we still hadn’t google it yet, we gave rango carrot and beef and see which one it’d choose. Unfortunately rango didn’t eat anything at all until late, almost midnight time so we thought we should give rango boy something to eat. Thanks to google, we decided to catch an insect. Of all the insects, we managed to catch a spider and put it in there.

What we thought would be a gourmet meal for rango turned out to be his total nightmare! Poor Rango! 🙁

Here’s what happened, recorded.

and yeaah… we were actually doing assignment in computer lab.

Also, we tried to look for a bigger container to put rango in but we couldn’t find any at that time. So, rango got a new place only when Cindy brought it home. 🙂

Random: Had an awful oatmeal + warm water + honey for dinner. It made me nauseous with every spoon. My other option was satay, which makes me puke with every bite so that’s worse. Thank god I had my favourite soy drink to wash off the awful oatmeal down my throat. Also I poured some of the soy drink into my oatmeal cause it was just too horrible but didn’t make it better either.
Yes, I have to mention this on my blog! haha

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Jan 29 2011

Fisheye #2: Beach & Malacca

So not too long ago I told you guys about the films I finally processed, and here’s the sequel. hahah

First, was a random trip to PD beach with my family. Aida was begging for it so my dad my dad just spontaneously went to PD just for her. hahah.


mum and dad, chillin'


she is the reason why we got there. lol


my lovely sister


Now, moving on to Malacca trip I had with my friends. It was unexpectedly fun and more like a vacation that a site study trip. hehehe


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