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Mar 06 2010

A kinda-strange confession of a lover.

He’s calm and collected. I’m clumsy and hyper. He’s very warm and loving and I can be cold sometimes. He’s logical and structured. I’m random and… unpredictable. He thinks way ahead while I think for the moment. In fact, at the best of times, I don’t even think. Which makes me do stupid things sometimes (haha). He composes his honest words beautifully that makes my heart flutters while I say things bluntly unsophisticatedly. He’s romantic and I don’t think I know how to express love very well. He’s a bit on the serious side, while I’m cheerful and retarded. I can’t really think of how we compliment each other so much right now, but what I do know is, he makes me feel contented and safe. Cliché, maybe. Whatever.

It’s strangely freaky to find someone who compliments you in so many ways. How can two people can be such a match when they are incredibly different? The world revolves in a funny way. Such a tease.

One thing in common that we have, for sure, is that we make each other happy and that we are in love with each other.

For the first time, I’m very sure that I’m in love, and dare I say, I can see us together for a long time.

…Despite his occasional weirdness. Then again, I can be a little crazy. Some couple, we are. *winks*

pssst, yeah, finally updating my blog. there’ll be lots more to come. 😉

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