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Mar 27 2011

..and more rabbits :s

Hello, hello, hello. *voice of Count Olaf*

If you don’t know who Count Olaf is, you should… might as well kill yourself google it

So… AS REQUESTED by many of you, here’s recent video of my rabbits!

*whispers* well, actually, only one person requested it. HAHA :”>

I hate to mention this but I wish I had muted the video and replace it with some music, but I like the sound of the birds chirping. Actually I wish I kept my mouth shut. So, please don’t pay attention to what I was saying. :s Well, here goes.

(Special plug for lovely Aneesah for being awesome. and for still reading my blog after all these years. and for encouraging  the bunny videos hehehe *winks*)

p.s, I watched Khurafat today and can’t help having a WTF face for the whole evening. What a waste of time. I’d rather watch Repunzel, for the second time in a day.

p.p.s, I’m trying very hard not to type; ‘I got so much fatter now and I’m depressed bla bla bla…’ Oops, I just did.

Mar 20 2011

umm back from hiatus? for now..

ohmygod I haven’t been blogging since forever! (as if this is the fist time, pffft!). Well, actually, I haven’t been blogging ever since that blogger convoy to KNizam’s wedding that was supposed to be updated after Kg. Kepayang entry but I didn’t get the chance to.



The picture is just.. well bonus. Me and Eny of Sickchild72.com haha. You can read more about KNizam’s wedding at Noktahhitam’s blog.

After the wedding, things got pretty hectic in college. We were working on site analysis and making site model of Kg. Kepayang. The result was quite satisfying.






Somewhere in the middle of making models and manual drawings for Working Drawings assignments, I had to have lunch on the corridor in college like a homeless person buat tak malu je with Danang. and then I got fat.


Right after working drawings were done, Danang and I jumped of joy as it was one week mid semester break for us! Pictures are not available as it might appear too obscene to some.

That weekend of no assignments I spent my time sleeping and movies marathon until I was woken up by the absolute horror: BOREDOM. So, I got itchy and began to start on something to do. As some of you might already know (if you follow me on twitter) my rabbit gave birth last month.

The babies are about 40 days as of today. 8 days when this video was recorded.


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Dec 22 2010

Hello, Gorgeous!

Ok, remember the three legged bunny, Bunny? story short, I lost HIM. He ran away or what. I have no idea. I lost him like over a week ago. One day, I came home and he was gone. I searched for him hi and low and he was nowhere to be found.  I was devastated, of course I was. I loved Bunny more than I love Bobby, to be honest.

So, since Bobby became a lonely boy all over again, I had to get him a girlfriend. So I did. and this time, she is one beautiful, expensive, posh rabbit. A Flemish Giant I think. And we didn’t get her at a pet shop, my mum and I got it from a rabbit farm, just yesterday. She cost my mum a good RM250, and RM100 I lost. Yes, I’m such a careless gal but let’s put that story aside.

This time I took the authority to give her a name. Aida came up with all sorts of barbie names whatevershit. So I called her Gorgeous. She just is, anyway.

So yes, ladies and gentleman, meet Gorgeous. She’s our new family member. 🙂


and um.. please don’t bother the lonely boy sniffing her butt -he’s just horny. Give that guy a break. haha


awwh look at how beautiful she is. I saw her running around in the mini farm and I was so charmed by her beauty I told the guy, “grab her. I want her” and voila! It’s a SHE! HOOYEAAH!

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Nov 03 2010

Three-legged Bunny

So, yesterday I got Bunny back.


But.. she is now lacking one leg. Yes, the doctor had to amputate her left hind leg. AMPUTATE, I repeat. So, now, she’s a 3-legged bunny. Poor thing.

So what happened? Let me cut the story short.

She sprained her leg. Took to vet. Gave medications. Saw improvements. She started to use her left hind leg back.

Suddenly, that left leg bled. Turned out she was eating the leg. Took to vet. Had to wrap her leg. Every other day.

BUT! She kept taking the wrap off. and bite it every chance she got.

Two weeks of wrapping and wrapping the wound. So much frustration. One day, her leg gone bad to worse. She looked so depressed and got skinnier.

Went to vet for consultation. Estimated cost RM600 maximum.

Dad didn’t wanna pay.

Mum asked me to slaughter the BOTH of the rabbits to make satay.

I cried.

Mum tried to make me see it in different perspective. Slaughtered animals go to heaven, atleast we end her suffering in a good way, bla bla bla…

I heavily agreed to it. Asked mum to ask dad to do it first thing next morning.

Next morning.

Dad didn’t have the hearts to. He let me bring Bunny to the vet.

So I did.

A week later. The doc called. Picked her up. They charged me RM 410 including medications.

And now, she looks much happier, and healthier. She started to eat again. The doctor even said she eat A LOT! hahaha! So, all in all she responded very well. (Some rabbits experience stress due to the change)


See that? No leg!


Bunny: Yo, where's ma leg?


Bunny: Whuteva man, this stuff is gooood!


Bunny's poo poo got kicked everywhere. Hihi!

That’s Bobby on the other cage. For now, they have to be separated while Bunny’s stitches still intact. When I brought Bunny home, Bobby got soooo excited. He was running around. He stood on his litter box looking at Bunny. He even tried to ‘dig’ the cage, as if hoping to get to Bunny. Everybody say AWWW!

They’re about 4 months now. Here are pictures of them when we just bought them, about 2 and half months.


Them, on their very first night home.


Bobby! Can't believe he was so small. He's so big now


Bunny! Naughty Bunny!!! COMELLLLLL!!!

Ok, done gaga moments.


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