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Dec 31 2010

Falsies: on trial

Warning: Disturbing vain images ahead.

My engagement is like a bomb of DIY stuffs. From hantaran to my dress to the so-called mini dais, to the soap flowers! Yes, flowers made out of soap! It makes the room smelling fresh and… soapy. But my dad said it smells like a bathroom after somebody had shower in it. hahaha!

Another DIY thing is my makeup. I am not hiring any makeup artist whatsoever. Yeah, I know, snooze. So, I’m doing the makeup myself! Did a test makeup about tow days back and I did another one just now, just to practice so that I won’t panic the morning of engagement.

I’m also discovering false eyelashes. (wow!) haha. I’m not the kind of person who wears makeup that much. I only slap those translucent foundation lightly, stroke some eyeliner, some lip balm and I’m ready to go. But I’d apply some eyeshadows if I’m extra rajin for occasions. hehe.

ANYWAY, false eyelashes are such a new thing to me. I’m not really into them cause it makes me  look fake and dolly-ish. Most probably it’s because I have small (and slanted) eyes so I don’t think I’d pull it off. However, I’ve always been so curious about those falsies and decided to give ’em a try. I kinda like the result but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for my engagement. So, I’ve taken some pictures for you to judge and tell me what you think.

Also, I know being pretty (or atleast try to) in pictures isn’t really me but I figured I don’t really have decent camwhore pictures as most of my camwhore pics involve me squinting my eyes or make weird faces hahah.

argh, this is degrading my reputation. but, whatever, here goes..


Pandangan hadapan

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Nov 18 2010
Nov 08 2010

So I’m like…

…totally broke.

I thought I had everything laid out. Only I forgot to allocate my daily food expenses. Because, truthfully, I never do that. I always assume that I won’t get hungry. That’s pretty stupid because I get hungry easily. I can have 6″ subway and get REALLY hungry in 4 hours. I wish that much  food should last me atleast 8 hours. haha, dream on.

As usual, I’m very positive minded. I know I can survive.

So, here’s my brilliant plan.

It’s now second week of November. I still have 3 weeks until my next allowances.

And… right now I have like… I don’t know. RM20?

So, if I live on RM0.60 bread, EVERYDAY, that would only cost me  0.60*5 = RM3. Maybe once or twice, I’d eat two of those, so it could get up to RM4.2.

in 3 weeks, that would be RM4.20 x 3 = RM 12.60

HEY, I still have extra money! I can even occasionally buy Milo drink from the vending machine. BOO YAH!

Just 3 weeks of no eating out. No movies. I can do that. Easy peasy. AND if I’m not mistaken, I have study week coming up. So, one week of no class. How awesome!

Oh, coffee? Right. I’ll just bring those instant packs from home, and a thermos. And just make them in college. Also, I can bring water from home and just refill it in college. Thank you Taylor’s for the free water.

Yes, I’m such a smart ass.

So… um… yeaaaah…

Nov 07 2010


Posted this a while ago on Tumblr.


Don’t know what to update, but I feel the need to. So, just bear with my vainity okay?

Much thanks and love to those who are still kindly reading my blog after all those rants, neglects and bandwidth kills. And for those who stopped, ah… well, shame on you!

No, I’m just kidding.

haha. bye.

p.s, Busy week ahead. *sigh*

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