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Aug 28 2013

DEMC Antenatal Class Review

It’s confirmed, we’re having a girl, InshaAllah! The next day I found out that we’re having a girl, I went to get pink baby clothes and little socks. They are really tiny so cute!

On other note, I’m now almost 30 weeks and honestly I’m really tired of being pregnant. It feels like an eternity only because I had to restrict myself so much (especially when it comes to food) and I hate it! Ugh!

Anyway, I want to share about an antenatal class I joined last Sunday at Darul Ehsan Medical Center, DEMC Shah Alam. It started at 9am-5pm. Let me go through the topics and the review. I hope this will be somewhat helpful for first time moms and moms-to-be out there.

Nutrition in Pregnancy

The dietitian was a little boring, her explanation was kinda vague. It was sufficient for most people, I must be honest. But for me, I’m always in for a little more in-depth details. I don’t mind doctors who throw common medical terms as I think nowadays the public is more educated and more aware of health.  If I don’t understand any of the terminologies, I would ask.

Nevertheless, this is a good time to ask the dietitian the myths about the no-no’s in pregnancy. Don’t be surprised that a lot of our grandmothers’ pantang-larang are busted!

Pregnancy & Labour Process

This topic was conducted by an ob-gyn. He was quite interesting and I loved that he explained things in great detail. Labour can be scary for first time moms (myself included) and personally, I would like to educate myself as much as possible about it. The more I know, the less scared I become.

So he basically explained what’s gonna happen in the labour room, the process, possible complications and how the doctors deal with them. All in all it made me scared of labour (HAHA) but the doctor was somehow more reassuring. So it made me feel slightly less nervous.

Pain Relief

This topic was, to me was an eye opener. We’ve heard the grandmother’s tale of epidural gives us long term side effects bla bla bla, apparently it’s just a myth! At first I totally didn’t want epidural. Now, once I know what epidural is, I’m sure as hell I’m gonna get that epidural. I mean, why suffer if you can save all the energy and pain to push the baby only when it’s REALLY needed?

I won’t tell you to take it too. But if you’re deciding, go to this class and come prepared with questions. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Even if you don’t want any pain relief, you should get informed about it in case your labour is not as easy as you’d hope for.

Care of Newborn

This was interesting but since I couldn’t imagine taking care of a baby, I didn’t really have any questions. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. However, it was good to know what do the hospital do to take care of newborn baby, the routine right after the baby is being born and such.

Also, I find it such a relief that DEMC is very pro breastfeeding. They will always return the baby to the mother within 30 minutes to one hour for the baby to be breastfed.

Successful Breastfeeding

This was the most entertaining talk ever. Pn. Jasmeen is soo hilarious. At first I was also deciding whether to breastfeed exclusively only because I heard all these pain and horror stories. But she taught us how to breastfeed successfully and successful breastfeeding should not be painful! So all the mothers who are in pain when breastfeeding are actually not doing it right.

Truthfully, reading about breastfeeding didn’t really help for me. I still couldn’t understand. However Pn Jasmeen explained it crystal clear and even made a demonstration using a dummy breast and a dummy baby. So it was very easy to understand. Note that I said UNDERSTAND. There are steps, but if you understand you will remember how to do it.

Breathing Techniques During Labour

This was also a helpful topic. This time we had to practice the breathing. It was quite enjoyable. I would recommend pregnant mums to practice this. I think it would be helpful. Make sure to bring your husband and it is very important for him to do the exercise also so that he will remind you in the labour room!

There was supposed to be a topic on Postnatal care which I was looking forward to. For some reason, they didn’t have that session on that day. I was quite disappointed. But I didn’t bother much because I was already so exhausted by then.

Overall, I think the RM120 fees (per couple) is so worth it. I highly recommend attending antenatal class. Not just DEMC but any antenatal class. Honestly, you don’t have the luxury to ask this much information during your doctor checkups because we only get 15 mins with doctor, MAX! This antenatal class is such a good time to address all your concerns regarding pregnancy and birth. The best time to go is during 2nd trimester, so you’ll prepare earlier. Third trimester is okay too.

Again, make sure you do your homework and have all your questions ready. No matter how stupid it sounds, chances are there are probably parents out there wondering the same thing.  It will be such a waste if you attend the class and go home only to realize you have a question!

You can check out more about this class at their website http://www.demc.com.my

Jul 16 2013

23 weeks pregnant and pretty big

After all the nausea, puking, backache (and getting worse), I’m finally at my 23 weeks of pregnancy! Oh, how time flies! I know, I say that a lot. But hey, it’s sooo true.

Even so, I still have 17 weeks to go. Before this, I had 30 weeks to go, and it felt like it was gonna be forever! Now, it doesn’t sound like forever, and I kinda wished I still had a few more weeks more go to than that.

I have to admit, although I do feel terrible admitting this. There are times where I wished I wasn’t pregnant, only because there are sooo many things I miss about not being pregnant.


Yeap, probably one of the big thing I miss the most. Unable to eat sashimi means that I can only look at pictures of sushi and crave. Yet nothing I can do about it, because I wouldn’t want to risk my unborn child to listeria, salmonella and whatnots.

2. Ability to drink water without getting nauseous. 

This one kinda suck. Because I am a big fan of drinking plain water. Now, I either have to drink really cold water or flavoured drink. Otherwise I’d probably throw up my dinner.

3. Stamina

Seriously, this extra weight infront of my tummy is making me use extra energy everytime I move. I wasn’t able to run up the stairs. I could, but I’d be panting like I just did a 5km marathon. Oh well, it’s probably my fitness decline because I do a lot less exercise now. I should try prenatal yoga.

4. Walking pace

I walk pretty fast for a Malaysian. If you know what I mean. Now, I walk slower than the elderly because my lower tummy and back hurts if I walk too fast. On some bad days, I have to sit and rest every 10 mins before walking/standing.

5. Choice of clothes

Well, enough said. It’s just too depressing to talk about it.

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Mar 12 2013

BIG news! BFP!

I got a big news to share. Yep, a BIG ONE. I thought long and hard to blog about this (which made me evidently abandon my blog again). But now that I don’t have much readers, I become more comfortable to blog whatever the shit I want again.

So… I think I’m pregnant. (ok, wait WHAAAAT?) Well, actually, that’s what the pee strip says – BFP, big fat positive.

2013-03-12 10.35.54

Sorry for the poor photo. This was last Friday’s test, 0n my 5th day after my period was due. See the second line right there?  And if you still don’t get it, two lines mean BIG FAT POSITIVE.

I actually took an earlier test on my first day of aunt flo’s due and that’s was when I saw my first positive. The moment I saw it, my hands were shaking, I couldn’t believe what I saw that I actually keep looking at it for the rest of the day ensuring I wasn’t imagining. I quickly woke Eddie up and  showed him the positive strip and he couldn’t see the second line. We had Subuh prayers and he went to work like nothing happened. (how dare he! haha) He went back home and I showed him again and he could see the line. Phew, I was glad I wasn’t crazy. I can see that he was thrilled but he tried not to show it too much.

Since then, I peed on a stick every morning until Friday, because I really couldn’t believe I was pregnant. And also I got addicted to peeing on a stick. Plus, it was fun to see the colour change on the stick. Like magic. hahaha

I went to the doctor on that Friday, and the doctor said I’m supposed to be 5 weeks. But, since the doctor can’t see anything during the scan,  she said I may have ovulated later in this cycle. That means I might actually be 3-4 weeks. So I’m scheduled for another scan this Friday.

I can’t quite say how I feel, YET. Of course I’m excited, (are you kidding me? Think about all the fun baby shopping!!)  but I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m baking a tiny being in my body. I used to think pregnancy is not normal (no, seriously). But then again, I think it makes more sense than pelicans delivering babies in baskets to couples.

It’s also hard to believe that I’m pregnant. I don’t have any morning sickness or whatsoever. Other than the 6 positive tests I’ve taken, the only symptoms I have are headaches & migraines in some days, frequent bathroom runs and my boobs went up a size overnight. Oh, not to mention, my body is bloating like I just gained 10kg in 3 days which is upsetting. Why do articles out there make bloating sound so petty? UGH!

Anyway,  it’s understandable that I become slightly obsessive about waiting for my next scan. In my mind at least. My sanity depends on whether the doctor can find the tiny sac. and there better be!

Fow now, I’m doing as much sunnah salat as I can, and rehearsing surahs for pregnant mothers, hoping this little one sticks, and grow into a perfectly healthy baby. Amin!

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