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Mar 20 2011

umm back from hiatus? for now..

ohmygod I haven’t been blogging since forever! (as if this is the fist time, pffft!). Well, actually, I haven’t been blogging ever since that blogger convoy to KNizam’s wedding that was supposed to be updated after Kg. Kepayang entry but I didn’t get the chance to.



The picture is just.. well bonus. Me and Eny of Sickchild72.com haha. You can read more about KNizam’s wedding at Noktahhitam’s blog.

After the wedding, things got pretty hectic in college. We were working on site analysis and making site model of Kg. Kepayang. The result was quite satisfying.






Somewhere in the middle of making models and manual drawings for Working Drawings assignments, I had to have lunch on the corridor in college like a homeless person buat tak malu je with Danang. and then I got fat.


Right after working drawings were done, Danang and I jumped of joy as it was one week mid semester break for us! Pictures are not available as it might appear too obscene to some.

That weekend of no assignments I spent my time sleeping and movies marathon until I was woken up by the absolute horror: BOREDOM. So, I got itchy and began to start on something to do. As some of you might already know (if you follow me on twitter) my rabbit gave birth last month.

The babies are about 40 days as of today. 8 days when this video was recorded.


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