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Sep 03 2010


Yesterday was such a shit day.

First, I only had 2.5 hours of sleep, because I was busy finishing up the drawings for our art kiosk project. It’s a small duo project, lecturer said, but it needs a lot of thinking and alot of tedious works. Like, thinking how to make the structure moveable and transformable. Sounds fun, but it’s a snooze to me. It’s a kiosk for  god’s sake. How fancy could a kiosk be, on a street where there’s a lot of old buildings? Like, say, Jonker street of Malacca. (Hence, the trip to Malacca)

Anyway, right before the presentation, we had 3Ds max exam 1. and I couldn’t do it. There were so many steps, I couldn’t keep up. I always have problems with computers or rather, they have problems with me since they wont do what I want them to do. Specifically Windows. haha. Plus somehow the program wont let me undo AT ALL so I was so stressed like hell. Turned out I needed to restart the program. FML. Plus I was having an ache on the backside of my ribs. I dont know why, stress maybe.

Then, Studio time. I was so down by the stupid test, it killed my excitement to present. Most of the times I was lost of words. It was the shittiest presentation I’ve ever done, like, ever. Mind you, I normally give an above average, or fairly good presentation like I dont even feel nervous whatever shit. But this time, I have no idea why. Maybe I was blur or having one of those blanks. Anyway, the lecturer seemed to like the concept, but I strongly think we should have done more drawings and sketches to convey the idea. Like I said, I wasnt very excited about this project and that made me kinda lazy. HAHA! (ok, not funny.)


our art kiosk model


me (left) and my groupmate, Iman

And then, after the shit exam and shit presentation, all I wanted to do was go home and play with my baby sister and my rabbit. But again, another shit happened and I was stuck in jam for 1.5 hours. THE WORST JAM EVER. Usually it takes me 25 mins to get home. I was so disappointed, so stressed about the jam and everything else, I cried in the car. hahahaha (now, that’s funny).

Got home, I went straight to my room, didn’t even say hi to mum and cried again. haha. So emo la this girl. Then, I toughened up, lied to myself that everything will be okay, took a shower, and head downstairs to buka puasa.

Hmm.. fasting month, afterall, is a month to test your patience. Maybe there’s a bright side to all of these. I’m sure there is. 🙂

Anyway, right now I’m not sure if architecture really is for me. Maybe I just need to get inspired. I just hope that I’ll be excited for next project. And another. and another. Atleast enough to sustain me until I get my part 2, or part 3. I’ll figure out what I want I really to do once I finish my studies.

Maybe, just maybe, I get to become an artist. 🙂

p.s, yesterday might be a bad day for me, but not today. Had a good time shopping with my mum and spending the day with her.

Jul 31 2010

my annoying bibik.

I was staring at the screen, tweeting about how lazy I was to go out to get some stuffs, when I heard my baby sister, Aida came into the room, and went straight to the bathroom to get a bath. Not long after, as I finally get the strength to get my ass up and turned around, I glanced towards the bathroom and to my surprise, it was Kak Rose, the housekeeper cleaning my bathroom. So, I said,

“Laaa… ingatkan Aida mandi tadi”

“Aida tengah tengok TV kat bawahlah, Syah haha” She laughed, for no apparent reason.

“Oh, takdelah, sebab Aida kadang-kadang masuk, bogel,  mandi, pastu terus blah,” I clarified.

Then, she replied, “hahahaha itulah, kadang-kadang Aida tu tak flush, busuk bilik air, Syah!”


I was laughing inside trying to figure out why she said that. Is it because she has hearing problem or she just thought it was a relevant thing to reply. Anyway, it was not the first time.

Kak Rose is so annoying. Like, unbearable annoying. Like, when you watch a movie where the abused person is so darn stupid, kind of annoying. She says irrelevant things and state the obvious ALL the time and interfere when people having conversations as if she was even in it. But I can understand that she’s lonely and in need of social life, but still, she shouldn’t ruin my already limited conversation at home. Gosh. One cool thing though, she’s very  kind and  actually care about us. Very hardworking too, and sometime a lil’ too hardworking that it becomes annoying. So all in all she’s annoying.


Feb 08 2010

This is a very sad story.

I know I’m posting two entries in just a couple of hours. I’m just bored. Actually I’m not bored at all. I have stuffs to do. Like my assignment. and uh.. something. Oh, WTH, just bear with me and act as if you care. Or, take this as a warm up entry for all the great entries ahead (I hope). Okay?

I have a very sad story with me and my car. Actually, it’s my mum’s car but she lets me drive it to college everyday these past few weeks.

I’ve been meaning to wash the car. Since two weeks ago. As usual, it didnt happen. Procrastination is very evil. Then last last Thursday, I was very determined to get my car washed.

Went to the gym in Pyramid. Saw the car wash in the parking area. Looked. Drove past it. And parked near the lift entrance.

Don’t know what happened there.

Maybe cause I was gonna see someone after gym so I have to go to the car, put all my stuffs, get my handbag, change shoes, so I didn’t wanna go look for another parking so I planned to wash my car while I see that person after gym. But then, we went out all the way to Damansara to have lunch instead. hahah. Went home, said hi to mum and she scolded me for not washing the car. Strike one.

Then, Friday, the whole day I was in a limbo. Slept too much I think. Forgot about the car. And a whole lot of other things. Mum scolded me again. Strike two.

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Oct 23 2009

10 words I wish I’d never see again.

So, there’s this badass French philosopher, Jacques Derrida. He’s a.. well, a writer. Nothing related to architecture. And as far as I’m concerned never even mentioned architecture in his writings. Then he came up with apparently brilliant but difficult theory of deconstruction. And there are a group of architects who read his work and one day they said,  “oh, what the heck, lets implement his theory onto our designs! Gonna be awesssssome dudeeee”

So now, I officially hate Jacques Derrrida for coming up with the theory. Because of him, deconstructivists exist and therefore, I have to learn about deconstructivism. For that reason, I have to read shit that has nothing to do with architecture in order to understand the theory of deconstructivism because I then have to write about it. Since I’m suffering to understand the highly intellectual readings that have absolutely no mercy to their readers, I have to spend more time reading it over and over again and that’s costing me a lot of time, and when I spend a lot of time on that, I’ll have less time for other things and when I have less time for other things, meaning I have less time to sleep, eat, watch movies, go to the gym, shopping, day dreaming, camwhore, date, bitching about other people, sleep, (did I say that already), have chocolates SLOWLY, facebooking, blogging and facebooking. How am I supposed to approve friend requests, reply to comments and stalk other people? Do you want me to ignore you on facebook?!  Or, leave my blog dead, unupdated? (pfft, as if that never happened before haha).


phew. now, try to reread the paragraph above, 10 times faster, OUT LOUD. :p

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