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Oct 17 2013

DIY 2-in-1 Maternity & Nursing Pillow Tutorial

In my past entry, I talked about my baby DIY projects. I made a 2-in-one maternity nursing pillow and it was super comfortable! Now, since it made me very very happy, I would like to show you how I made it. If you are farmiliar with most of sewing technicals, this will be easy and simple to understand. For beginners, I’m sure you can do it too, although it may be a bit of a challenge to understand.

Before we begin, I would like to apologize for the poor image quality. It was middle of the night and I was too flustered to check the images I took. Or maybe it was just the preggo brain. haha



Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we? 

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Oct 13 2013

Baby DIY Projects (Awesome!)

I realized I’ve been neglecting my blog, yet again. So sorry guys. I was busy with work in the past, and since last 2 weeks, I’ve been busy with baby projects DIY! Yeaay!

Ever since I started working on baby DIY projects, I’ve been more and more excited about baby’s arrival. It made everything seems more real. I’m at 36 weeks at the moment, and honestly, sewing is a challenge when your tummy is in the way. It was much harder for me to measure, and cut fabrics especially. So that slowed down the progress.

Anyway, baby project #1:

1. DIY baby binder


Made 6 of these. My mum recommended me to make 10, to last between washes. I also made them in slightly varying sizes, only because I don’t know how small or how big my baby will be. It costed me RM1.60 for the ropes for all these. All the fabrics are scrap fabrics I found in my fabric stash. I was surprised to find that much cotton scraps in my stash, and they are all perfect for baby’s skin! It would cost RM5 each to buy at the stores for plain ‘ol white ones. I say, BORING!

I’ll probably make some more when I’m bored. It only takes me about 10 to 15mins to make one. So easy. 🙂

2. Baby travel nap mat.

This is for my baby to take a nap on when we’re visiting or out and about. This is not really a huge necessity. I mean whenever I’m travelling, I can just find a regular comforter and fold them for the baby but hey, I’m a stylish mama, I want my baby to look and feel stylish too! HAHA.


The straps keep all the components together; two pillows, a mat, and a blanket.


I added batting onto the blanket for extra comfort. I also made my own nap mat. The chevron and doll house fabrics are both Robert Kaufman’s fabrics. The pink pin polka dot fabric is English cotton from Jakel. 

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Jan 17 2012

[sewing] makeup bag and clutch!

So I’ve been itching to make bags since forever, but never really knew where to start. So, since last Saturday, I’ve started to make bags starting from making small pouches just to practice.

Then, I found this tutorial on how to make an envelope makeup bag, and I just sewed away!

It’s a simple bag and I’m satisfied with how it came out. In between of teaching my husband to sew, helping him make his own laptop sleeve and making mine, I then inspired to design a clutch using the same method of construction, almost. It’s a hobo-inspired, rounded clutch whatever you want to call it.

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Jan 12 2012

[craft project] camera case!

I got a new camera just a few weeks ago, and been looking for a case since. But searches after, we couldn’t find something that could fit LX5 nicely, due to it’s protruding lens (contrary to normal digicam). So, finally, after Eddie’s suggestion, I made a case for it.

For the first time! hoho. It was quite hard for me to imagine how to do it (again, the lens), so I just went ahead and did some trial. I wanted to start with something really simple but it looked okay but not fun. So then I thought it’d look so cute if it looks like a camera! It’ll be fun to wear too!

I know, I know, not too proud on the workmanship, but my hand stitching did improve as I progressed this project. hahah

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