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Dec 19 2010

Next project on the list.

Note: please ignore whatever mistakes you see in my sketches. I really havent been sketching for ages and on top of that I never learned fashion illustration, so…


This is my second sketch, (which is why it’s better than the first one below). Both of the pieces above will be my next project. Maybe I’ll do the pleated maxi skirt with pockets first. I’m planning to find a nice cotton, perhaps in candy colour. Pink, blue, I’m not sure yet. Let’s see what I can find. Then I’m also going to sew a shirt like illustrated above. Somehing with a slightly exaggerated armhole.

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Jul 28 2010

Huh! OMG! Huh! OMG! Huh! OMG! zzzz…

I just realized something.

This is the freaking last week of holidays!


How can I not realize this???!!!! I regret the times I’ve spent procrastinating doing my projects. Then again, that’s what holidays are for; for you to relax, and take your time. Still, after I found out that I have very little time left, I quickly drank my coffee, hoping that I’ll stay up for the day and I shall start doing my next sewing project. I still have 3 fabrics left and I know I can finish them all before the semester starts but I still want to sew more. gaaah! I hate being myself, for wanting to do many things yet I’m glad I do know how to utilize my free time.

There are things I didn’t get to do during my holidays. Things that maybe I’ve forgotten to do. Like, rock climbing, exercise more, join a gym near my house, redesign my blog and continuing my sewing lessons. Oh well, maybe next time then. But atleast I’ve sewed quite a lot (not really) because I might not be able to this next semester break as I’m planning to do my internship, get it over with once and and for all, hope that I won’t screw it up. Ha ha, most likely not. And atleast I’ve also managed to lose a few kilos. I should might as well practice on Autocad as soon as semester starts because I do not want to come to class, forgetting everything, thank god I bought an Autocad book, which is not that easy to follow (ha-ha, boo!).

ANYWAY, before I start working on my next project, let’s see what I’ve done previously. I made them about 3 weeks ago and have since only made one which I haven’t taken pictures of.

Lil miss origami danielle

I was lazy to draft a pattern myself and so I downloaded Danielle pattern and it turns out it takes just as much time to put all the printed pieces together. And I added those origami things on the bodice just to make it looks more interesting and gives the illusion of fuller top.


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Jun 22 2010

fishy shifty and pleated empire polka.

I made a dress a while ago, way before I made a dress for Cindy as her birthday present. I’ve been so busy afterwards, that I wasn’t able to update. Fret not, it’s here now! I’ll probably update on Cindy’s dress when we have time to photograph her in the dress later. 🙂

The first garment I made is a super short shift dress. I love the print, I find it cute and complicated, yet still subtle. It’s a pretty print and looks a lil’ ethnic, too. The fabric is really thin so it’s suitable to wear under the hot sun. All in all, it’s a comfy piece of top dress!



I also sewed in some buttons and added pockets shaped like the fish-like print on the fabric.


.. and a lil’ button closure at the back.

Next, is a sweet, romantic and pretty dress. Again, I made the pattern myself from scratch.


As always, I like to mix two things together. And as for this dress I love the juxtaposition of the structured pleats on the bodice and the more soft, flowy silhouette  of the gathered skirt. The initial idea was that it was supposed to be a pleated skirt but the I transferred the pattern wrongly, so I had to compromise and gathered the skirt instead. It was kinda a risk cause it could border to looking maternally. I thought it was gonna be really ugly and I was about to give up and buy a new fabric to start over (typical me) but it’s a RM36-per-metter-cotton, for god’s sake! So, I made it work, and it actually turned out better than the initial design. I had fun doing all the pleating details on the neckline. 😀



I also love the A-shaped silhouette, because it compliments my body. I’m very pleased with the result. I think it looks like it just came out of a store. My sewing skills has improved a lot and I’m so proud of it. Oh, and I actually sewed an invisible zipper at the back only to find out that I didn’t need it at all as the waist is loose and the the neckline is big enough. Oh well, at least I can take it off really fast when I need to, if you know what I mean 😉

Okay, now, let me know what you think alright? and I welcome any form of encouragement! 🙂

And oh if you’re a seamstress or know any good one lemme know about your blog because I wanna make a new blog list for it.


Jan 18 2010

Loose the red pants please!

Actually, I meant to update about this since few days ago but the fact that I needed to install windows refrained me from doing so. The disk failed to partition so I went through the hassles of erasing my hard disk, booting, and formatting my mac. I called Apple Care support and they were very helpful and I somehow managed to partition and install windows 7 without a problem. Wasted a lot of time. Should’ve called ’em in the first place. yeah, silly me. sheeesh.

Well, at least now I know how to format, install, backup and restore on Mac. hahah. *sedapkan hati sendiri*

Anyhoo, I took some pictures while installing. So, lets see them first, shall we?




Oh, I love the fabric! It almost like splashes of paints in a glance, reminds me Jackson Pollock’s contemporary art, except it’s actually a more abstract form of flower print. heheh. As usual, I use Japanese cotton. The usual price is about RM48 (approx US$14.4) per meter, if I’m not mistaken. I saw this fabric a while ago but when I came back to get it, it wasn’t there. Then, I dug piles of remnant fabrics and found it, only RM30 (approx US$9) 2.6m! Am I lucky or what? 😀

For this particular dress, I used Celestina pattern from Burdastyle website. Much thanks to Eddie for making this possible :p Anyways, I modified the sleeves to be a straight sleeve, and made the hem shorter.The belt is supposed to be tied on the back, but I like it much better in front! hoho.

*off topic*

oh yeah, I now also can take a deep breath of relieve and so do you (maybe) since somebody is generous enough to offer a sponsorship for my blog! For some reason, he’s keeping his identity secret and won’t reveal even a name. It was only until I insisted that he told me to link to his website, Sejukz.org. Thanks so much! So, yeay! I’ll keep blogging! hehe :p

Now, moving on.

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