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Aug 07 2012

just a little bit more.

So, it’s been like forever since I last posted which was prior to my winter break. Now, it all over, and it’s nearing spring in just a couple of weeks. I’m already in my third week of semester, and damn, time flies! Seriously, things have been pretty busy for me. I guess this is what final semester is all about *insert sigh here*.

Winter break was well spent in Malaysia. I realized nothing could replace the time I can spend with my family and my husband. They are the bestest people I could spend my time with. My husband and I, we spent so much time together, and I it made me realize how happy and special he makes me feel. Seriously, there hasn’t been a day where he didn’t make me laugh when we’re together.

Ok, enough about my husband before I get all TMI*. hahah. Melbourne is just as perfect as it was. I love it here, and I’m coping much better than I did last time. It feels like the norm to see my husband through the screen again. Yeah, weird, I know. I’m surprised myself.

This semester is gonna be crazy. Starting next week, I’ll have submissions every week, and the studio workload may be overwhelming, if I slack a little. I’m doing a showroom for race cars, especially used and/or won cars with a minigolf on top (it’s part of the brief). It’s an exciting project where they allow us to sort of let loose, and have fun with it, which is great!

I sketched this car, hoping to learn and be inspired for my project. It’s a very rough and possibly amateur sketch, but whatever, it’s my first time sketching a car, and for some reason I thought I made the right choice to use ink.


Fortunately, my tutor loved my ideas, and I hope I can continue to make him excited about it. hoho. Thanks to my husband for suggesting race cars, I think it’s a brilliant idea and it fits the rough ideas I have in my head.

Man, I can’t believe I’m in my last semester. Just a little bit more.

…until Master.

p.s, it feels awkward to write again after so long

May 27 2012

Wacom Bamboo: unboxing

Oh, last week has been crazy. We had studio presentation last Friday, and it turned out really well! Will blog about my final project soon. 🙂 Anyway, I’m so excited now, guess what I bought?!

yeaaaah, baby. Ma face shows how excited I am! That’s Nadira, and Izzat is the one taking our picture.

I’ve been itching to replace my Wacom Graphire for a while now (FYI, graphire is  wacom’s old tablet way before bamboo, had it in 2007, yeah, antique, I know). But since my graphire is just right there in front of my eyes, I didn’t have the hearts to cheat on it. :'(

However, now that I’m here, and I didn’t pack my graphire, the feeling to get Bamboo got more intense. So, after some (brief) consideration, I went ahead and got it. Don’t feel guilty because my graphire isn’t here :p

The trip back from our fantastic Italian lunch in Camberwell felt so long because I was a bit anxious, I couldn’t wait to get home and play with it. Yeah, excited me, I know.  So, here’s the unboxing!

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Oct 28 2011

that night, there was a spider.

I was digging through the piles of boxes, looking for a box to put my studio materials. The store area under the stairs where dark and full of spider webs. Small ones big ones, ugly ones, naah.  Then I saw just the perfect box. I tried to reach it with my hands but I couldnt. So I stretched my left leg and tried to take it out using my feet.

Then I felt a tiny mass crawling on my ankle and down to my foot. It’s a spider, I can feel it. A pretty big one. I was so stunned I was afraid to even move. And then, the spider slowly, injected its venom into my foot. I panicked but still couldn’t dare to move my left foot. I was raging, my right leg already kicking. I wanted to get out of here.

“B, there’s a spider! There’s a spider!” I screamed and cried while tapping the floor with my hands and kicking my right leg. My left foot remained still. I could still feel the spider. Eddie came to me and asked what wrong. “There’s a spider, there! My foot! spider, foot!” I pointed. I was crying out of panic. I thought the spider was going to kill me. and then, he said, “Honey, there’s no spider under the blanket,”

I couldn’t believe what he said and started crying louder. He got up to my legs, and swept everything off my legs. “It’s my foot! Left foot!” I screamed.

“Honey, there’s no spider. See, it’s nothing. No spider. Don’t cry, okay?” I opened my eyes and saw that he pushed the blanket to the floor and no spider. I moved my left leg and I felt nothing. Immediately, I stopped crying as I realized it was just a dream. He then pulled the blanket back up, hugged me and we both went back to sleep.


Dec 26 2010

Engagement Prep; the room! or shall I say, the chair? or the DRESS?!

Sooooooooo my parents worked their ass off today! My dad was painting some parts of the house. Repainted some of the furnitures. Stuffs like that. It was pretty nice seeing the work being done and helping out *coughs*sort of*coughs*. haha. After my dad changed the light bulbs, mum asked me to take a few pictures in the room just to see how it’d look like in pictures.


Ta-da! hahah. Well, it’s really simple. I don’t want anything grand. But hmm don’t expect me to sit there awkwardly, alone and deserted. haha. That’s just for fun of taking pictures hokay. Make it nicer a lil’ bit. And the chair is actually garden chair. Or a wing chair (?), a bench, sitting place or whatever you want to call it. Mum made the cushion using cotton canvas fabric. Pretty awesome. We moved two big fake trees from the living to each side. But the proportion of the trees make the chair looks so small. haha. I pointed that out to my  mum and she said pictures shouldn’t include the trees and if I were going to take pictures with my friends, they can cover the trees. HAHAHA. Funny mum.

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