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Apr 23 2011

Rango the lizard VS a tiny spider. Who won?

So last Thursday, Cindy got a new pet. She got it at The V restaurant, where the waiter caught for her. Danang was kinda freaked out by it and Meera was even more freaked out. I was too, at first but somehow it grew on me. I’m not usually a fan of lizards especially house lizard but this one seemed pretty fascinating to me. So I called him Rango. Then Meera added Johny Rango. hahaha. Cindy’s boyfriend was away and that’s a present for him. He wanted a snake so Cindy thought a snake with legs would be the next best thing.

We didn’t know what it is so we were hoping that it would be a herbivore. But looking at it, it’s a reptile, and reptile aint no herbivore! We tried to google the species by matching the pictures and the closest we got was komodo dragon but if it’s true, it’d grow to a size of a crocodile (or almost) and then it would eat snakes. Yikes!

Anyway, when we still hadn’t google it yet, we gave rango carrot and beef and see which one it’d choose. Unfortunately rango didn’t eat anything at all until late, almost midnight time so we thought we should give rango boy something to eat. Thanks to google, we decided to catch an insect. Of all the insects, we managed to catch a spider and put it in there.

What we thought would be a gourmet meal for rango turned out to be his total nightmare! Poor Rango! 🙁

Here’s what happened, recorded.

and yeaah… we were actually doing assignment in computer lab.

Also, we tried to look for a bigger container to put rango in but we couldn’t find any at that time. So, rango got a new place only when Cindy brought it home. 🙂

Random: Had an awful oatmeal + warm water + honey for dinner. It made me nauseous with every spoon. My other option was satay, which makes me puke with every bite so that’s worse. Thank god I had my favourite soy drink to wash off the awful oatmeal down my throat. Also I poured some of the soy drink into my oatmeal cause it was just too horrible but didn’t make it better either.
Yes, I have to mention this on my blog! haha

P.s, Vote for Noktahhitam’s blog for blogger of the year award.
It’ll be heartbreaking to see non-deserving blog (ones without proper writing, FULL of ads or just plain gedik) wins because just they’re being persistent to their friends to vote.

If you need some justification, here you go! Vote everyday if you can! ;pp

Mar 27 2011

..and more rabbits :s

Hello, hello, hello. *voice of Count Olaf*

If you don’t know who Count Olaf is, you should… might as well kill yourself google it

So… AS REQUESTED by many of you, here’s recent video of my rabbits!

*whispers* well, actually, only one person requested it. HAHA :”>

I hate to mention this but I wish I had muted the video and replace it with some music, but I like the sound of the birds chirping. Actually I wish I kept my mouth shut. So, please don’t pay attention to what I was saying. :s Well, here goes.

(Special plug for lovely Aneesah for being awesome. and for still reading my blog after all these years. and for encouraging  the bunny videos hehehe *winks*)

p.s, I watched Khurafat today and can’t help having a WTF face for the whole evening. What a waste of time. I’d rather watch Repunzel, for the second time in a day.

p.p.s, I’m trying very hard not to type; ‘I got so much fatter now and I’m depressed bla bla bla…’ Oops, I just did.

Nov 25 2010

oh, look what I found!

Somehow, I was viewing my own [lame] myspace profile, and I found this video! This was uploaded 3 years ago using my old youtube account (which I forgot the pasword) when my sister was 5 years old.

Aww can’t believe she’s so big now. <3

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