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Jul 29 2013

New WordPress theme: Minty

I decided to be a good girl and re-designed my blog. Woot woot! I think I deserve some claps, it’s been long due. It’s quite a quicky job, I usually take a week to finish a theme.  This baby took me 4 days. I may be a snail at coding, so please don’t judge. Being fickle minded certainly did not help. And sometimes I argue with myself whether to add that 1 pixel detail no one would notice.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.16.09 PM

Why Minty? Simply because the main colour is mint green. I’ve been wanting this colour to wear for coming Eidulfitr, but I couldn’t find one that is pregnant-friendly, so I had to compromise with my all time favourite colour, pink. Hence, to satisfy that need to own something of mint green, this theme was born.

Speaking of pink, did you notice I did not abandon my pink color for this theme? The coral pink does go pretty well with mint green, don’t you think? If you see some glitches and minor inconsistencies, do not panic. I’m still tweaking some minor details of this theme.

I’m so excited now, I love this theme! And will probably love it more once it’s done 100%! ;D


May 13 2010

FREE Wifi on Train

Hello handsome guys and pretty girls out there. Yes, even if you are ugly by the standard society’s perception, know that you’re beautiful inside. Actually, you are automatically handsome people by just reading this post.

What makes you even more sexy is when you help me do a favor for NoktahHitam to fill in the survey. Don’t be afraid to be part of this country’s journey towards the greater good. *insert thumbs up here*

You may fill in the form below.

Please spread this link, tell your friends, post it on you Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook,  Friendster, Myspace, spam people’s Formspring, email bunch of people, blackmail ’em or whatever, just spread it. We’re looking for one thousand votes here! http://bit.ly/dmNjJW

Don’t you want free Wifi on train?  You know you want it. Come ooooonnnn 😉

p.s, Funny how the word free, when capitalized makes it instantly sound like an advertisement. =P

Feb 08 2010

Untuk pengguna bahasa yang cekap sahaja.

Alang-alang kandungan ini berbahasa Melayu, maka, tulis je lah satu entri ni dalam Melayu. Sila jangan terasa hati, atau terasa keji setelah membaca kesemua screenshot di bawah. Tidak ada niat untuk menjatuhkan pihak mana-mana. baca dengan teliti, baru faham. hahah. Fuh, susahnya menulis dalam bahasa. Terasa sangat skema diriku yang menggoda dan hensem ini.



tengok komen yang terakhir itu. Bagus, kan? hahah





Jika anda suka entri ini, sila komen. Bodo-bodo pun takpe. Semoga dapat menggalakkan saya untuk menulis lebih rajin.


Pssst, Today I feel so blessed. Had awesome bread toast for breakfast, lamb beriyani rice for lunch, and Shish Kebab for dinner. Aaauuw! Thanks mum, thanks Mr. Awesome for the beriyani (and for the ehem ehem) and most of all, thank you Allah!

Ok, now, for real, bye.

Jan 22 2010

“it looks fresh and SUCI”

That’s what my classmate, Danang said when I showed him my blog. Yeah, the suci part memang cannot go. Ok, as always, the main, most important feature of this new design is, of course, *drum rolls*  hmm, my own picture. ahahah okay, penting tu, cannot escape. It’s true, because naturally, when I re-read my posts especially the older ones, I can’t believe that I actually wrote these so, yeah the bigass picture of me on the header will remind me that it’s mine.


This design is actually inspired when I watched the Helvetica documentary sometime ago. Yes, I wanted to design something fresh, clean and innocent, just like me. HAHAH. Perasan innocent plak tu, memang tak boleh blah. Anyhoo, I actually wanted to use the picture below, but my guts told me that I shouldn’t cause it could make people think that either I’m serious, fierce or… scary. which is partly true, maybe, but I prefer not.

garang haha

Then, Meera asked me to put a more fun, gedik picture of me, and so I did, also agreeing to what my mum said that I was gedik. And she meant it. and yeah, sorry if my face in the picture is annoying. I think it is, so, yeah, baguslah, memang sesuai.

This new theme is very simple, really. It was built on Thematic, and all I did was tweak the CSS a little bit here and there. That’s all. I wished I had more time to spend on this theme, but, sadly, no. I have some stuffs to do. Oh yeah, if anyone is linking to my blog, let me know and I shall add you guys. Sorry!

There’s an experimentation project coming up and I’m psyched to get dirty! woohoo!

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