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Nov 09 2011

Happiest Moment in My Life :)

I was so nervous as I walked down the stairs to the living room where all the families & guests were. My dad, tok kadi and my then fiancé were in the middle of the room. I sat down at the corner with my beautiful closest friends and watched my then fiancé closely, almost unbelieving. 10th September 2011, marked the day I became a wife, barely a month after my 21st birthday.

20 years old and I already made the biggest decision in my life; to get married. Everybody kept telling me that I’m too young. I had no idea what to expect and how it was going to change my life. For sure, I knew it will change my life a way or another.

After we got engaged, my life went upside down. Our relationship changed, and it was the hardest time of my life. We stumble, we fell, and we fought, hard, most of the time. And I was having inner conflicts with my decision whether or not to go on with the decision. My biggest conflicts were; How? Who? & What?
1. How is this decision gonna change my life;
2. Is he the right person, and;
3. Will I be happy?

He was lost, too. I knew because he became different, and that worsened my doubts but I guess so was I. Throughout the end, we finally burst and  at the edge of breaking up. At that time I thought we were over.

But, I had faith in us, and we’d find ourselves back. And we did. Just two weeks before the wedding, I got him back. I could tell that he knew he got me back.

As he accepted the solemnization, I felt this deep feeling like a kind of happiness I had never felt before. I looked at him like I had never looked at him before. Then, I realized that I found peace within myself. All the doubts and conflicts I had before just went away.

Now, we are savouring each other’s presence. Going to bed and waking up to each other everyday is a bliss. There, my happiest moment in my life was the very moment I became his wife. Surely, this beautiful moment will be cherished forever, thanks to technology.

Oct 18 2011

Back! and married.

So I’m back. After all those years. and guess what? I’m married!!!!!!!!! haha. okay, I’m sure if you follow my blog u’d already know that.

Now, let’s see what happened to me. Or my blog. Not necessarily in order.

#1 layout change, obviously.

The previous layout I had for centuries made me puke a few times so I had to change it to get my blogging mojo back. Well, I did not design this layout. I upgraded to wordpress 3.2, downloaded the theme and installed it. Made a quick header and that’s it.

#2 I got married

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Jan 02 2011


The engagement ceremony went well yesterday, despite the chaos that happened that morning and my friend, Asma who was supposed to do my makeup overslept and came half and hour late. Hahah. The guy’s side came at exactly 11 am and waited for a few minutes outside of the house before coming in. I was still rushing to get my tudung la whatever together and came down only to get immediately pulled into the room that was decorated (?).

I also had my cousin to take the pictures, and he’s no photographer, so,  pardon the quality.


Eddie's family, upon entering the house. His mum looks so cheerful. hehe


Eddie and his uncle. I think he wanted to just wait outside while the discussion was going on but I'm not sure who asked him to come in. and oh, thank god he shaved his mustache! hahahaha!

They first discussed about the mas kahwin, hantaran (if any) and also the date of the wedding. They also discussed about the terms and agreements about the engagement and if, god forbid, the engagement is broken.  So, the wedding date is gonna be on 16.7.11, insyaAllah. After that, it was time for the girl (me, ehem) to receive the ring as a symbol of agreement.


Eddie's mum, putting the ring on me. I was so nervous if the ring wont fit cause I gained some weight. Hahah.

4At this time, I couldn’t hold my laughter because my stupid awning bumped into her hands. It was so embarrasing but, oh well, what can I do. I’m not used to having awning over my head. hahahaha.

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Dec 31 2010

Falsies: on trial

Warning: Disturbing vain images ahead.

My engagement is like a bomb of DIY stuffs. From hantaran to my dress to the so-called mini dais, to the soap flowers! Yes, flowers made out of soap! It makes the room smelling fresh and… soapy. But my dad said it smells like a bathroom after somebody had shower in it. hahaha!

Another DIY thing is my makeup. I am not hiring any makeup artist whatsoever. Yeah, I know, snooze. So, I’m doing the makeup myself! Did a test makeup about tow days back and I did another one just now, just to practice so that I won’t panic the morning of engagement.

I’m also discovering false eyelashes. (wow!) haha. I’m not the kind of person who wears makeup that much. I only slap those translucent foundation lightly, stroke some eyeliner, some lip balm and I’m ready to go. But I’d apply some eyeshadows if I’m extra rajin for occasions. hehe.

ANYWAY, false eyelashes are such a new thing to me. I’m not really into them cause it makes me  look fake and dolly-ish. Most probably it’s because I have small (and slanted) eyes so I don’t think I’d pull it off. However, I’ve always been so curious about those falsies and decided to give ’em a try. I kinda like the result but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for my engagement. So, I’ve taken some pictures for you to judge and tell me what you think.

Also, I know being pretty (or atleast try to) in pictures isn’t really me but I figured I don’t really have decent camwhore pictures as most of my camwhore pics involve me squinting my eyes or make weird faces hahah.

argh, this is degrading my reputation. but, whatever, here goes..


Pandangan hadapan

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