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Nov 16 2009

the art of studying

First, get some grapes and put it in the blender cup.


Then, add some strawberries.


chuck in some ice.






Just drink it straight from your blender cup if you are dead lazy like me.

Also, you may add some icing sugar before you blend it if you like it extra sweet. (I like it extra sweet too, only I like them in my chocolates for that extra sugar rush!)

Now that you have your sugar rush, you are ready to study, and you will have less chances of getting bored and move on to facebooking!

Most importantly, the hyper-activeness from the sugar keeps you awake during studying*. yeay!

*theoretically speaking

I have exam tomorrow. English and Building Construction and I’m soooooo worried about English! ZOMGGGGGGG. Bye.


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