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Oct 07 2009

This week in college

October 4, 2009

Isaac, Wayne and me stayed back in studio until 1.20am in the morning to do the window display model.


We took a doll’s head from Cindy (she used the body as the mannequin for hers)

Wayne got bored and he played with the head, he tied her hair into ponytail.

Then I cut her hair.


and turned it into  a broom to sweep the model’s floor. haha.

October 5, 2009

This is our skeletal construction model.


We tested it out by using Wayne to stand on it.


It lasted for 7 seconds before the joints cracked and Wayne panicked.

It’s not so bad now that Jason’s group’s tower lasted for 0.5 seconds



October 6, 2009

English class was so boring that drawing a tatoo on Sina’s forearm suddenly felt more amusing than ever.



Apparently, he enjoyed the subtle movements of the tip of the pen on his forearm.

October 7, 2009

Despite all the difficulties, misunderstandings between group members and clashing of ideas, the window display assignment was finally done.




Go to Jason’s blog to see his group’s work and the rest of the class. I don’t want to pollute my blog with their awesomeness.

Ok I’m going to pass out now bye.


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